10 Things to Check Before Turning on the Furnace

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10 Things to Check Before Turning on the Furnace

The weather may still be hitting triple-digit heat here the desert valley, but fall is just around the corner. While you are likely enjoying the last days of summer, it is a good idea to start thinking about getting your furnace ready for the winter months.

Here are 10 things to check before you get your furnace ready for the cooler weather.

  • Clean filters and the unit itself. Dirt and dust can be a big problem. Some areas that you should be mindfully checking each year are the filters, coils, and other airflow parts of the unit to make sure they are free of debris and able to do their job with little effort.
  • Switch out old filters for new filters. Depending on your medical conditions, household size, and pets, experts recommend changing out filters every two to three months. If you have respiratory problems such as asthma, you may want to change the filter out more frequently to prevent the buildup of pollutants that aggravate your condition.
  • Make sure the thermostat is working optimally. Turn it on and see how the furnace works. Does it make a noise that you’ve never heard before? Is there a smell coming from your heating vents?
  • Look for drafty areas in the home. Look for areas in the home where heat escapes. The cracks under doors and in windows are two places to look carefully at. If you do have broken windows, now is the time to take care of them as it will help improve the energy efficiency inside the home.
  • Seal any leaks you find in doors and windows. Close off holes and cracks so that the home stays warm. You won’t need to crank up the heater to stay toasty because you’ll have taken care of the issue at hand. If the leaks are too big to seal, see what you can do to repair the affected areas.
  • Replace batteries and test carbon monoxide detectors. Test the device according to the manufacturer’s directions. Add fresh batteries to each CO2 alarm to make sure that it is working properly.
  • Note any problems that you find by writing them down. Take notice of any issues that you uncover when checking out your furnace for the first time this season. Write down the specifics including the date and source of the issue. You can pass this information on to a professional when they come to service your HVAC unit.
  • Be sure to remove any items stored near your furnace. Keep the area around your furnace clear of storage items, trash, and other items that could be fire hazards. Be sure to make sure air ducts and vents are not blocked.
  • Schedule for a seasonal tune-up. Experts recommend having system maintenance twice a year. The fall is the perfect time to be sure your system is ready for the weather change. Be sure to go over your list of items with your technician.
  • If you have an older system, now is a good time to get pricing on a replacement. If you start to have issues and need repairs, you will be more equipped to decide whether or not to repair or replace the unit.

Now is a great time to prepare your furnace for colder weather. When the temperatures begin to drop, you’ll be glad that your furnace is ready to keep you warm and cozy all season long.

Schedule your fall tune-up today. Book online now. We’re ready to assist you with your request by servicing your furnace in a professional and timely manner.

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