3 Illnesses That Can Be Caused by Poor IAQ


3 Illnesses That Can Be Caused by Poor IAQ

Most Americans spend around 90 percent of their time indoors, so keeping your home’s air pure is an important part of staying healthy. Learn about three health problems that result from bad indoor air quality (IAQ), and find out how you can check if you have poor IAQ in your Henderson home.


Your home’s indoor air quality can suffer because of pollutants that make their way in from outside. Insufficient insulation and leaky windows let polluted air enter, and poor circulation results in homeowners continually breathing the same bad air. If you or your family members suffer from allergies or asthma, keep an eye out for congested sinuses or constant sneezing, as these can be signs of amplified health problems. Changing your air conditioner’s air filters monthly throughout the summer can help lower pollutants and improve indoor air quality.

Breathing Difficulties

Not all air quality problems result from external pollutants. In fact, many are caused by indoor vapors from cooking, smoking, fireplaces, paint, and even furniture and building products. When these vapors build up, it’s not uncommon to suffer from symptoms like shortness of breath or painful breathing. An energy-efficient ventilator can help with flushing stale air out and drawing fresh air into your home.

Lung Cancer

Breathing bad air for years can result in serious health problems like lung cancer, which presents with symptoms like unexplained weight loss, recurring infections, discolored phlegm, and extensive coughing and wheezing. You don’t have to wait for major health issues to develop before taking action, though. Health experts recommend using a test kit to monitor radon in your home, as elevated levels of this invisible gas can lead to lung cancer. To test for other pollutants, it’s best to consult with professional technicians experienced in managing residential indoor air quality.

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