3 Places to Check for Air Leaks and Drafts This Fall


3 Places to Check for Air Leaks and Drafts This Fall

As a homeowner, you pay to keep your home comfortable. Losing indoor air around doors and windows in your Kingman, Arizona, home costs you money. Find and fix air leaks and drafts to reduce your energy bill this fall.

Windows and Doors

Drafts around windows and doors can let outdoor air into your home and let the indoor air out. Fixing these air leaks and drafts will help stabilize your home’s temperature and lower utility costs.

To check for air leaks around a door, pass the back of your hand along the sides and bottom. If you feel air coming through, that air can point to an air leak. Drafty door bottoms are easily fixed by installing a door sweep.

Do the same test along window frames. If you find a draft along the frame, seal the area using caulking or weatherstripping.

And, don’t forget to check your attic door. The hatch should be insulated and sealed to prevent air leaks.

Utility Access Points

Small gaps where utilities enter your house can also contribute to leaks and drafts. By insulating these access points, you can keep a comfortable temperature inside your home.

Using the back of your hand, check for drafts where television, telephone, and electrical lines connect to your home from the outside. If you find gaps or drafts, seal them using caulking, insulation, or specialty gaskets.

Fireplace Chimneys

Fireplaces need to be ventilated to the outside. When not in use, however, a fireplace can be a prime place for a major draft.

On a windy day when you aren’t using your fireplace, check for drafts using a stick of incense. Light the stick, hold it inside your fireplace, and watch the smoke. If the wind blows the smoke around, you’ll know your chimney has a draft. Using an inflatable chimney balloon is an easy way to fix a drafty fireplace.

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