3 Steps to More Efficient Air Conditioning


3 Steps to More Efficient Air Conditioning

Are you tired of paying high air conditioning costs? Do you want to find a way to cut how much you spend on cooling? Who doesn’t? Let’s face it, the Southwest is hot and the summers here border on brutal.

Even in the mountains of Nevada and Arizona, temperatures can still go as high as 100 degrees during the day. That means that your air conditioner has to cool the temperature down a full 20+ degrees to reach anything remotely comfortable. Subsequently, here are three simple steps to having more efficient air conditioning in your Henderson, NV-area home.

Insulate and Cover Up

As the temperature climbs, the warm air finds its way into your house in several different ways. It could be an open window, an uncovered window with the hot summer sun beating down on it, or poorly insulated walls. Whatever the case, adding insulation will help. You may also want to consider adding a radiant barrier in the attic. You’ll need to keep an eye on the windows as well. Keep them closed and the blinds drawn during hot days. This will help keep your home cooler so that your air conditioning won’t have to work as hard.

Regular Maintenance

You also need to maintain your air conditioner if you want the device to work well. Cleaning and changing the air filter, tightening loose connections, and lubricating moving parts can go a long way to making sure that your air conditioner runs as efficiently as possible.

Replace Your Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner is out of date, don’t underestimate how much you will save on cooling costs by getting a new one. It all comes down to Energy Efficiency Ratio or EER. Newer air conditioners tend to have a higher EER. According to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, replacing an air conditioner with an EER of 5 with a newer one that has an EER of 10 will cut your cost of air conditioning in half.

To keep your air conditioning running efficiently, call Ambient Air at 702-723-4704 in Nevada or 928-263-8698 in Arizona.

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