4 Ways to Save on Energy Costs in Autumn


4 Ways to Save on Energy Costs in Autumn

As hot summer days fade away, cooler temperatures are on the horizon in Arizona. Turn down the air conditioner in your Lake Havasu home and save on energy costs with these autumn tips.

Control Sunlight and Shade

When cooler temperatures roll around, you can almost get by without running the air conditioner—until the hot sun starts to warm up your home. Keep your costs down and prevent the sun from overheating your home by actively managing the shade. Be sure to close windows, curtains, and blinds in the morning so midday rays don’t lead to extra air conditioner cycles. If the sun is particularly strong on one side of your house, consider installing inexpensive awnings over the windows to create additional shade.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Fall is a great time to trade in your old manual thermostat for a programmable thermostat. These devices introduce several innovative features to your existing HVAC system. Program your weekly schedule into the device, and it will automatically switch on your air conditioner as necessary. For additional savings, be sure to program it to decrease air conditioner use while you’re at work all day or sleeping at night. If you opt for a smart thermostat, you’ll have even more control over your home’s HVAC system, and you can even connect with it via Wi-Fi from anywhere in the world.

Switch Over to Fans

When it’s not hot enough to run the air conditioner but not cool enough to shut down the system completely, put your ceiling fans to good use. Ceiling fans are great for circulating air, creating a breeze, and keeping things fresh. Best of all, they’re an inexpensive solution during a transitional season.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

HVAC repairs can be expensive, but you’ll lower your chance of encountering any major problems if you have a preventative maintenance agreement with a trusted HVAC tech. Maintenance includes an air filter change, a thorough inspection, and even a refrigerant check—all of which can help you save on repair costs in the long run.

Is it time you scheduled preventative maintenance? Call your local HVAC technicians at Ambient Edge to schedule an appointment today: 928-263-8698.

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