5 HVAC tips to save money on your energy bill this summer


As desert temperatures soar, you might not think as much about saving money on your electric bill. All you may be thinking about is how to keep you and your family cool. Actually, summer is a good time to look at your electricity consumption, because that’s when you typically see a spike that puts pressure on the power grid – and on your budget.

Ambient Edge has a few suggestions for ways you can still beat the heat but also lower your monthly utility bills. Let’s look at our top five tips for homeowners in Nevada and Arizona to lower their HVAC electric usage.

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1. The best way to lower your HVAC electricity consumption is to replace an old a/c unit and buy a new air conditioning unit. These modern devices actually end up saving homeowners in the long run; the monthly drain on electricity, even in the summer, is that dramatic. New units are Energy Star certified for conservation, which means they will reduce your electricity usage considerably. If your current air conditioner is over ten years old, it’s definitely time to think about replacement.

2. A less expensive option is to replace your thermostat with a programmable unit. These are smart little tools that let you control the a/c when you’re not home. Setting a timer on the programmable thermostat will allow you to set the temperature to fit your particular habits. For example, you’ll be able to turn up the thermostat while you’re at work, which means the a/c won’t have to work as hard or uses as much energy.

3. Clean your floor and wall vents. If you have pets, you will be amazed at how much debris and hair will be sucked into these vents. If you’d like your air conditioner to run at peak efficiency, consider doing a thorough and professional cleaning of your ductwork.

4. Install ceiling fans to circulate the air. Warm air rises, so turning on a ceiling fan will create a gentle breeze that will cool the room faster. You could also add a couple of floor fans to keep the air moving at floor level, and your home will feel cooler, along with helping your air conditioner work a little less hard.

5. Clean your air filters. It’s such a simple chore, but the return is really outstanding. A clean filter improves the functioning of your HVAC unit, causing it to use less electricity. It’s an easy, low-cost way to lessen your monthly electricity usage.

Ambient Edge – Energy Conservation Through Lowered Utility Costs

Ensuring your A/C runs at peak efficiency means hiring a certified expert to service the unit. Our experienced technicians are trained to follow a series of tasks that

that will optimize your HVAC unit, causing it to run more smoothly. This will help lessen the electricity it uses to cool your home. As a full-service heating and A/C contractor, we are standing by to help you maximize the investment in your home. Contact us today!

are standing by to help you maximize the investment in your home. Contact us today!

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