Best way to cut HVAC costs


Did you know there are all kinds of ways to cut down on your HVAC costs this winter? Some of these techniques cost more, and some are very inexpensive. But all of them give you good ROI in terms of energy efficiency and lowered monthly bills. This article takes a look at a handful of techniques you can use to cut big money off your monthly energy bills – and save the planet in the process.

Energy Saving Tips

1. Even in the desert, weather stripping is important. Usually, you think of weather stripping related to cold weather. But it can also do a nice job keeping cool air inside and hot air out in the summer. Inspect old weather stripping around your doors and windows. Is it torn up or worn away? It’s important to replace it as soon as possible. Roughly seven to 12% of all air that’s lost out of home comes from the door and windows. Caulking around windows and doors or adding new weather stripping will go a long way toward improving your energy efficiency.

2. Can you see daylight around your doors? It might be time to adjust the threshold and door height. Usually, doors have four or five screws that allow you to adjust how it hangs. Try turning the door screws counterclockwise until there is no light showing underneath or at the top of the door. You’ll keep more cool or warm air in and out of the desert.

3. Check all of the piping that runs outside your house. Gas lines, electrical cables, and pipes, all have gaps between the walls where they come into your home. Check to see that the caulking hasn’t cracked and dropped off. If you see any gaps, buy some expanding caulk and fill in any gaps you see.

4. You can also cover patio doors and windows with plastic film on the inside of your home. This is highly recommended, especially since so much energy is lost through even the best windows. This transparent film is easy and inexpensive to install. You could probably do your whole home in a day or two. The money you save will be worth it – and you’ll notice that things are cooler, or warmer, depending on the time of year.

5. We also recommend sealing all of your furnace ductwork. The ductwork in your crawlspace or attic often has leaks in the corners or where two joints come together. Sealing the ductwork with aluminum tape can help with the 20 to 30% that most homes lose through leaks in ductwork.

6. Upgrading to a programmable thermostat can also help with energy efficiency. These units have small computers that automatically raise or lower the temperature of your home based on your habits. These thermostats are Energy Star rated and are decently priced compared to the money you will save on your energy costs. Many of these units now can be controlled from your handheld digital device, which allows for even more energy savings.

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