Can a fall tune up prevent an HVAC break-down?


Skipping the twice-yearly tune-ups for your HVAC unit is like gambling in Las Vegas: The simple truth is that you lose more than you win. Companies like Ambient Edge that offer these preventative maintenance visits are looking for signs that the important machinery used to heat and cool your home is about to fail. While preventative maintenance may not stop an internal part on your furnace from breaking – it may catch issues before they occur and keep your HVAC unit functioning longer.

These are odds any homeowner should be willing to play.

How Can Tune-Ups Help HVAC Systems?

Oil changes and tire rotations are a standard part of auto maintenance. Without it, your vehicle simply won’t function at peak efficiency. The same holds true for your furnace and A/C units. A 45-minute checkup every spring and fall will extend the life of the equipment. It will also help you save money on your electric bills because the complicated machines that heat and cool your home will be operating at top efficiency.

Some clear-cut benefits of regular HVAC maintenance include:

· Regular check-ups can help validate your equipment warranties. These warranties have fine print that can sometimes state that the warranty is invalid if regular system maintenance doesn’t occur.

· A furnace and a/c tune-up searches for leaks in carbon monoxide, a colorless, odorless gas that can seriously harm the family and pets under your roof. The Consumer Product Safety Commission even has a fact sheet on the number of injuries and even deaths that have occurred from heating systems that leak CO2.

· A check-up will reduce the risk that you’ll need repair over the holiday season. Extreme temperatures make your HVAC unit work harder. That increases the chances of a critical parts failure. An HVAC check-up seeks to circumvent these issues before they occur. Paying for a new furnace isn’t on anyone’s Christmas list!

· An HVAC maintenance tune-up will also help your indoor air quality, especially if you have an excessive amount of pet dander in your home. Checking the furnace filter regularly can also help.

· Of course, an HVAC turn up can save you money on fuel. Energy Star says heating costs are about 29% of your household’s annual expenses. While you can’t really affect static costs like a mortgage, you can improve your home’s energy efficiency to shave costs off your electric bills. Not only that – it’s good for the environment, too.

HVAC units are one of those standard tools in the home that are supposed to be worry-free. In theory, you should be able to flick a thermostat switch and your home stays comfortable during our excessively hot days and cold nights. Regular check-ups of the internal features and systems that power our homes will ensure a hassle and worry-free winter.

The Ambient Edge Preventive Maintenance service will ensure the proper functioning of your heating and cooling systems. Scheduling a regular check of the internal functioning of your equipment will help spot problems before they happen. Contact us today to schedule for a worry-free winter.

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