How To Find A Good Las Vegas Air Conditioning Company


How To Find A Good Las Vegas Air Conditioning Company

Choosing the right Las Vegas air conditioning contractor is just as important as choosing a good doctor. You may not believe us at first, but if you’ve experienced an air conditioning outage in July, you’ll start to understand what we’re saying. Air conditioning in the desert in summer is crucially important.

That’s exactly why don’t need a “vendor” – you need a partner that you can trust. We checked in with our residential and commercial clients to find out what brought them to Ambient Edge. Here are some of the top questions they asked when interviewing Las Vegas air conditioning companies.

Questions to Ask When Choosing an HVAC Company

  • Do you have references? Many times we find this basic step is skipped but it is very important, especially if you’re a residential homeowner installing a new air conditioning unit. For commercial clients, it’s important that they understand and appreciate the business clients you have worked with over the years.You should also search for reviews on Angie’s List or other business directories like the Better Business Bureau of Southern Nevada.
  • Is the contractor fully licensed? First, do a search on the Nevada State Contractors Board website to be sure the contractor is fully licensed. Individual technicians should be licensed contractors in Nevada, as well. Technicians are required to take and pass a Contractor Management Survey Exam and the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractor Exam. These tests cover areas such as labor laws, risk management, and heating, cooling and air circulation principles. There is also a required Contractor’s License if the company wants to bid or work on construction in the state. Here’s a link to the State of Nevada’s general categories for licensure requirements.
  • Do they have adequate insurance? This is important if they’re injured on your property. According to The Spruce, your HVAC contractor should have worker’s compensation, liability, and property damage insurance to help protect you.
  • Ask for a detailed write up of the service. Review the important details including when the work will happen, all costs, labor, and payment due dates. Will the contractor haul away any debris or old equipment? What is the warranty on their labor and the equipment they’re installing?
  • How experienced are they with the type of repair or installation they’re providing? We suggest avoiding contractors that lack the experience in the particular brand your servicing. Too, how trustworthy is a brand new company? Are you willing to experiment and, perhaps, let them learn from working in your home?

Las Vegas Air Conditioning – It’s That Important

Finding the right Las Vegas air conditioning contractor is more important that you might think. That’s because a properly functioning air conditioning unit affects your family in numerous ways you haven’t even considered – until it stops working. From establishing a comfortable environment in your home to the hassle and expense when a unit isn’t working to the resale value of your property; a properly functioning air conditioning is a necessity. That’s why choosing the right Las Vegas air conditioning partnership is so important. Ambient Edge would like to be that partner. Let us show you how we can help.

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