How to stay safe from heat if your ac goes out


We all know how dangerous the desert can get in the summertime. Every year we hear horror stories about how someone overheated – with disastrous results. The elderly and those with respiratory illnesses are particularly vulnerable to heat exhaustion when the desert temperatures soar.

It’s at these times of year your air conditioner is, literally, a life and health saver. So, what should you do if the air conditioner suddenly goes out in the summer?

Twelve Steps to Stay Cool Without AC

Of course, your first step toward staying cool when the AC goes out is to call Ambient Edge, your Las Vegas air conditioning partner. We work hard in the summer to keep AC units functioning properly in Nevada and Arizona. Our team understands how important our work is to keep you comfortable – and safe.

While you’re waiting for our arrival, follow these twelve crucial steps to keeping cool if the AC goes out:

1) Close your windows and curtains to keep the light and heat out. If you only have opaque shears, consider temporarily putting up dark blankets or even tarps, to block the sun. While it may look a little odd to the neighbors, it’s only temporary, and will really help keep your home cooler.
2) If you still have electricity, get those fans running. You should place a box fan near an external doorway blowing into a room. That will circulate air through your home. Make sure your ceiling fans are running counter-clockwise, which will blow the air downward.
3) Eat and drink cool things like ice cream, popsicles, or water.
4) Try not to generate any heat from cooking, which will raise indoor temperatures. Consider grilling outside, or even better, go out to eat.
5) Go swimming, or if you don’t have a pool, take a cold shower or cool bath.
6) Soak a cool towel in cold water and keep it on the back of your neck.
7) Load the family and your pets into your car, go for a drive, and crank the AC.
8) Dress smart by wearing lighter colors and lighter clothes.
9) Consider blocking off front rooms with blankets, to keep the interior of your home cooler.
10) Put an ice pack on the back of your neck or at your feet when you go to bed.
11) If it’s cooler at night, as it often is in the desert, open your windows then put fans in the windows to suck the cool air in. Just be certain to close everything back up again before the sun rises.
12) Try to avoid caffeine or alcohol, which will dehydrate you faster.

Las Vegas Air Conditioning is a Necessity

Talk with your Ambient Edge technician about ways you can improve the efficiency of your home’s air conditioning unit. Regular maintenance checkups will help ensure that your AC continues to work well even during the hottest desert months. If you’re concerned that your unit has reached the end of its life, contact us for a free consultation to find out how we can help.

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