Improve IAQ by Taking a Whole-House Approach


Improve IAQ by Taking a Whole-House Approach

In Arizona and Nevada, improving IAQ throughout your home isn’t all about dealing with dust. It also means controlling mold spores, pest debris, gaseous pollutants and many other contaminants. Accomplishing that requires having a strategy for every part of your house.

Kitchen and Bath

Fix dripping faucets and leaky pipes. Dust mites and mold thrive on the moisture they produce. Further reduce humidity by running the exhaust fan for 15 minutes after you cook or shower, and remember to wipe down the shower. Disinfect any mold spots you find to prevent the fungus from producing lung-irritating spores and spreading to other rooms.

Living Room and Bedrooms

Keep these spaces clutter-free and dust weekly with a damp rag or microfiber cloth. Use your vacuum’s hose attachment to clean soft furniture. Protect mattresses and pillows with allergen-proof covers, and wash bedding in 130-degree water each week.

Choose air filters of MERV 5 or higher to remove contaminant particles from the air before the air reaches these rooms. MERV 10 to 11 is preferable for those with allergies or asthma. Install carbon monoxide (CO) detectors on each level of your home, within 15 feet of all sleeping areas, and near the door to your attached garage to protect your family from this potentially deadly gas.


Taking care of moisture problems in your basement helps with improving IAQ throughout your home. Repair leaky pipes and caulk air leaks around windows, stairs and the house’s foundation to reduce moisture. Pull up any water-damaged carpet and use vinyl flooring or bare concrete instead.

Test for radon using a kit available from your state’s health department or contact a ventilation technician for professional testing. Radon is a carcinogenic gas produced naturally underground in some areas. It can enter your home through the foundation or water lines.

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