Want Energy Savings? How to Find the Best Green HVAC Company [Infographic]


During the peak summer months in the U.S., air conditioning constitutes almost half of the nation’s energy usage. And throughout the year, heating and cooling accounts for roughly 48% of the energy used by a typical home. Subsequently, finding a top-notch Green HVAC company to reduce those energy bills can create significant savings and reduce your carbon footprint in the process.

The infographic below will walk you through shopping for high-efficiency units and how to understand energy-efficiency ratings for those units. It also covers the criteria you should look for in a green HVAC contractor — manual j calculations, ductwork expertise, and comprehensive maintenance plans.

Read through the infographic below, and use it to decide whether you need to find a green HVAC company to service your home or business. If it turns out you do, call the experts at Ambient Edge, and we’ll tell you how we can start saving you energy and reducing your carbon footprint today.

energy savings and Green HVAC contractor infographic

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