When is it time to replace your AC?


Central air units are crucial to living comfortably in the desert. But most of these units aren’t meant to last more than 10 years. New, upgraded units are much more energy efficient and designed to help keep every nook and cranny of your home comfortably cool. They are also designed to save you money on your monthly electric bill.

These new units also help add or reduce humidity in the air. In the desert, we often recommend a humidifier as part of a new system, to keep your home from drying out in the summer.

Given that these units are so vital to indoor living, how will you know when it’s time to take on the purchase of new central air equipment? Here are our top indicators that you should look for to know that it’s time to call Ambient Edge for a quote on air conditioning replacement.

Time to Replace or Repair?

1. If your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, you are living on borrowed time. A replacement a/c will save you money; these units have improved and have an Energy Star rating that signifies energy efficiency. Too, older units are using a refrigerant that is environmentally unsafe, so it’s being phased out of manufacturing over the next few years.

2. You’ve been calling Ambient Edge one or two times per year to come repair your unit. Modern units are designed to function effectively with proper annual maintenance. If you’re calling for service because the unit stops working, and the central air is reaching the 10-year mark, these are two strong indicators that you’re reaching the end of its lifespan.

3. Your cooling bills are increasing. Compare last year to this year and if you’re seeing a steady rise, and you’ve not changed how you’re using it, it may not have anything to do with the rising cost of electricity.

4. Your home is unevenly cooled. With a modern a/c unit, your home should stay a consistent temperature no matter how hot it gets outside.

5. Is the air too dry in the winter or too humid in the summer? That definitely signals a problem, which could be leaking ductwork, a failing a/c unit, or poor equipment installation.

6. Or, is your home too dusty? Leaking ductwork can pull attic or crawl space particles into the air and send them floating around your home.

7. If you’re noticing an exceptionally loud air conditioning unit, it is possible that your ductwork is too small, or you may have a problem with an indoor coil on the unit.

Call Ambient Edge for A/C Replacement

If you think it’s time to look at air conditioning replacement, don’t panic. We have a variety of options to suit your budget. Just give us a ring to discuss your options. We’ll come out for a visit make an assessment of your situation and equipment.

Check out Energy Star’s Home Energy Yardstick tool, for an easy way to find out if you should call Ambient Edge for a complimentary discussion about replacing your air conditioner or furnace, fixing up leaky ductwork, and more.

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