Why You Need an Early Fall Energy Audit


Why You Need an Early Fall Energy Audit

As summer cools off and fall approaches, most Kingman-area homeowners scale back their air conditioning usage to account for the change in temperature. It’s easy to assume that your house uses less energy for cooling in the fall, but wasted energy is a year-round problem. Here’s how an early fall energy audit can benefit you.

Sealed Leaks Stop Air From Escaping

One of the first things you’ll learn during a professional energy audit is where the cool air escapes from your home. You can take immediate action by sealing the leaks with caulking or weather-stripping materials. In most homes, air typically leaks through cracks around windows and doors, as well as around decorative molding and along the foundation. When you go to seal the leaks, be sure that any caulking you use is appropriate for the type of surface you’re working on, so you’ll see the best possible results.

Added Insulation Keeps Cool Air Where It Belongs

Your home needs adequate insulation in order to keep your home cool during hot summers and warm autumns. Without enough insulation, hot air can easily penetrate exterior walls and flow into your home. If an energy audit reveals that your home’s insulation is insufficient, you can always add more to key spaces like attics. Consult with your local HVAC pro to make sure that your home’s insulation has the right R-value to prevent wasted energy.

Repaired Ductwork Lowers Energy Loss

The ductwork in your home extends to every room, delivering cool air on demand. Many homeowners don’t realize that ducts can develop cracks and leaks, which can lead to an energy loss of 20 to 30 percent. Not only is this a significant energy loss, but it can drive up your utility bills, too. Though you can seal minor cracks and leaks yourself, check with a ductwork pro for more extensive issues.

How much energy could you save every month? Call the pros at Ambient Edge and schedule a home energy audit today: 928-263-8698.

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