$89 Invest $89 and Get the Absolute Best Air Conditioning Tune-Up Offered Ever!

Plus, we will treat your A/C unit with a Teflon spray to protect it from the harsh summer heat, ABSOLUTELY FREE (a $100 value)!

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Superior Service and Quality

Our tune up is far superior to other tune-up offers you’ll get. We include expensive “extras” free of charge that others don’t. We’ve designed our tune-up to include what we consider to be the most important procedures to be included in a tune-up and that’s why it is the Absolute Best Tune-Up ever offered.

Here is an example of what we do:

We clean the condenser coils in your outdoor unit with a cleaning solution and not simply rinse them off with a garden hose. While water is good for removing debris, it fails to remove that oily or greasy residue that clings to the surface.
Once cleaned, we treat the coils by spraying them with Teflon at NO ADDITIONAL COST. (a $100 value) As you know, Teflon reduces dirt, grime, and everything else from sticking to treated surfaces. This keeps your coils clean longer and helps to keep your electric bill down.
We take the time to clean the blower in your furnace or air handler. This helps maintain maximum air flow which results in more efficient operation.

These extra steps add costs as well as more time to do your tune-up right! But, even with the extra cost, we are still offering you the Best Air Conditioning Tune-Up Ever for only $89. Normally, the cost to provide a service of this type along with the cost of the Teflon would run more than $219 but is yours for only $89 if you act now. Plus, our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee includes the following:

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

SATISFACTION MATTERS | We’re supremely confident that our service and product quality will surpass what you expect, and that’s reflected in how our service contracts are written. We put our 100% satisfaction guarantee right there for everyone to see!

  1. If our tune-up doesn’t reduce your electric bill we will refund your $89 tune-up investment. Just compare last year’s electric usage with this year’s electric usage.
  2. If your air conditioner breaks down within 12 months from the date of the tune-up we will apply the entire tune-up investment of $89 towards the repair.
  3. If you decide to have us replace your air conditioner (for any reason) within one (1) year we will apply triple the cost of the tune-up (total of $207) towards the replacement cost.
What Sets Us Apart

Any heating and cooling company can promise great results, but what sets use apart is consistency. At Ambient Edge, we offer superior quality and service you can count on.

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