Looking for the best water treatment system?

Many home owners understand the benefits of having water filtration systems for the water they drink but did you know that the rest of the water that flows through your house still can be absorbed by the body through pores when we wash our hair, shower, or fill up the kiddie pool. Minerals and other organic matter found in water can leave build up on the water fixtures in your home leading to staining and other undesired problems.

That’s why at Ambient Edge, we pride ourselves on providing products that help you and your family live happy and healthier lives. With our water treatment products, you can rest assured that the water in your home is safe no matter where it flows from. From filters to softeners we have you covered. Call us today to meet with a comfort consultant and learn what we can do to help you have cleaner and safer water.

Product Feature

Filtration and softener all in one. You deserve the very best. Ask about our NOVOCLEAR 485 HTOK whole home system.

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