How to raise the humidity in your desert home


Our desert climate can wreak havoc on your skin and mucous membranes; make us susceptible to colds and flu, cause static electricity, and even dry out the wood in your home. Having the “dry heat” of the desert outside our homes is one thing, but when you lack humidity in your house, it can be uncomfortable and can even make you sick.

Let’s look at a few ways we can add humidity to our desert homes and make things a little more comfortable for the inhabitants inside.

Best Ways to Add Humidity to My Home

Here are some easy ways to add humidity to your home, even during the desert summer months:

· When you’re cooking, don’t cover that steaming pot. Let it diffuse through the air.

· Or put a pan of water on the back of your stove and let it steam. You may want to set a timer on your stove so you don’t forget it. You can add cinnamon sticks or lemon to help add a pleasant smell to your home.

· You can do the same thing with a crock-pot – but leave the lid off.

· Add a portable vaporizer to a room or two. These are the same little machines that you run with someone is sick.

· Or add a whole room humidifier to your home. These large standing units can be set to maintain a set level of humidity in your home.

· Mist your plants, if you have any.

· At the end of your shower, open the bathroom door to let the steam out.

· Hang your damp laundry on a drying rack or the shower curtain rod in your home. As the clothes dry, the humidity will be released into the air.

· You can place bowls of water around your home. Watch them closely; you will be shocked at how quickly they go dry. Place these near a furnace vent so your air conditioner or furnace (if you have it on) will help push the humidity through your home.

What’s the Best Way to Add Humidity in the Desert?

Of course, the best way to increase the humidity in your home is to add a new HVAC system with a whole-home humidification system that controls the moisture levels in your home. But don’t take our word for it – Better Homes and Gardens (BHG) magazine says, “the most effective way to humidify the whole house is usually with an evaporative model that can be placed in your central furnace.”

A healthy home climate starts with these systems, which can target a specific zone of your home or the whole house. These units have built-in fans that circulate the moisture throughout your entire home. Stand-alone humidifiers can send bacteria into the air along with the steam, according to BHG. Too, cleaning these units can be a bit of a chore. But they can be an acceptable solution if you aren’t ready to replace your HVAC unit yet.

Contact Ambient Edge for an HVAC checkup and talk to our technician about adding a humidifier to your home today.

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