Commercial Refrigeration Repair

refrigeration repairEvery business that is involved in food storage, sales or preparation must have a reliable refrigeration system to avoid a service disruption and loss of critical inventory. The food service industry relies on the dependable operation of commercial refrigerators, cool rooms, freezers, ice makers, beer systems and central air conditioning equipment.

Those in a food-related industry understand the narrow specifications for environmental controls and allowable fluctuations in temperature and humidity. When a refrigeration appliance malfunctions, it negatively impacts employee productivity, sales and customer comfort. Manufacturing and healthcare facilities often integrate refrigeration systems directly into their core processes, so any equipment failure can be disastrous.

Commercial Refrigeration Repairs

Commercial refrigeration equipment differs significantly from conventional HVAC systems. Service technicians must possess a deep understanding of the refrigeration cycle and high-voltage networks. These highly trained professionals are typically certified and experienced in every aspect of electrical troubleshooting, refrigerant charging and air side fundamentals.

Quality commercial refrigeration contractors recognize that appliance downtime is very costly for a business. At Ambient Edge, our skilled technicians are outfitted with advanced diagnostic equipment designed to quickly expose the source of the problem and identify the broken parts. Our primary goal is to restore your refrigeration unit to full functionality as quickly as possible.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

As part of our commercial refrigeration services, we provide maintenance plans designed to extend the life of your equipment and reduce the chance of an unexpected breakdown. On a regular basis, technicians visit your business to perform a wide array of services including:

  • Testing the temperature and pressure controls
  • Testing the electrical connections
  • Confirming the refrigerant charge
  • Adding refrigerant if required
  • Cleaning the coils
  • Testing makeup air units and economizers
  • Lubricating bearings and motors
  • Recalibrating defrost controls, fans and blower motors

When the order is completed, the customer receives a detailed report that describes the work that was done along with recommendations to improve overall system performance. Maintenance customers receive priority service, and our technicians are always on call for 24-hour emergency service. Routine maintenance helps extend the life of your equipment and lowers the chance of an unexpected repair. If the unit is aging or obsolete, we can provide replacement options to help lower your power and repair costs.

Comprehensive Refrigeration Services

Facilities administrators, managers and business owners in Nevada are encouraged to contact Ambient Edge to learn more about our complete refrigeration installation, repair and maintenance services.

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