If your AC stops working — or suddenly isn’t performing well — you may not have to call for service. In fact, many AC service calls turn out to be relatively simple things that a homeowner can do in minutes (even without any mechanical knowledge). Of course, this isn’t always the case, and there are plenty of times when you really will need a repairman. But it never hurts to check your air conditioner before you call for service.

5 Things to Check on Your Air Conditioner Before Calling for Service

There are five main areas you’re going to want to check:

  1. The power supply. Yep, it sounds silly, but there are actually more ways this can go wrong than you think. For starters, AC issues often happen during daylight hours — have you check your lights or other electronic devices to see if there’s a power outage? Likewise, head to your circuit breakers and see if the circuit the AC is on may have flipped. Last, there’s typically a disconnect switch for the outside unit; sometimes it gets turned off if someone is doing maintenance. Make sure it’s in the “on” position as well.
  2. Whether the thermostat is working. The thermostat is often the culprit behind seemingly broken AC. For starters, check its batteries — especially if the screen doesn’t even come on, or seems faint. Fresh batteries may get your AC working instantly. Next, go through the settings (you may need to break out your thermostat’s manual). Is there any chance it’s set to “heat,” “vent,” or simply turned off when it shouldn’t be?
  3. The vents in your home. Sometimes the AC seems to be on, but the house just won’t cool down. This could mean a lot of things, but it may simply mean that vents are blocked. Walk each room and check whether the vents are visible and whether there’s anything (such as boxes, dust, or a teenager’s laundry) blocking them. You should also check whether the vents are actually in the “open” position. It’s funny how others in the household may close them and forget to put them back.
  4. The air filter. When was the last time you changed your air filter? If you can’t remember, or if you feel a little guilty about how long it’s been, go change it now. (Typically, air filters need to be changed every month or so.) This won’t usually be the kind of thing that’s a complete make-or-break for AC, but some air conditioners are designed to turn off if they can’t get adequate air flow. Others will keep running, but much of the cool air simply won’t make it to the rooms of your home.
  5. The condenser unit. The condenser unit is the part of the system that most people actually call the air conditioner — it’s the big unit outside that looks like it’s covered in vents, and makes a humming noise when on. Unfortunately, all those “vents” (which actually protect its sensitive coils) can get blocked, and when they do, the lack of airflow may inhibit or shut down your AC. Check outside, clear away any debris, and move or trim back any plants that are growing up against it. Afterward, your AC may work fine again.

There are other possibilities, but they tend to be much more situation-specific. When you call our air conditioning repair experts, you can talk to our live on-call team and talk through any other steps that you should check on your own before requesting a service call. We’re happy to answer questions and troubleshoot your situation before sending someone out.

Alternately, if your problem is an emergency, our 24-hour emergency AC repair team can be at your house rapidly — often within hours or less of your call.

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