The air ducts in your home or business do more than just deliver cold or hot air. They are responsible for the quality of the air you breathe—and they have a huge impact on your energy costs. Properly cleaned and maintained ducts are high-efficiency systems that keep you breathing fresh, clean air. Neglect or corrosion, however, can lead to a buildup of contaminants, rising energy bills and worse. Get your ducts the cleaning, sealing and repairs that they need.

Ambient Edge is your leading Henderson choice for air duct cleaning and maintenance. We have a 15-year history of providing dependable ductwork services, with top reviews from our customers. From routine duct cleaning to isolating and fixing a serious problem, we back every job we do with our 5-Star Service Guarantee. Give us a call and get your questions answered. Give us a call at 702-723-4704 or fill out the form to the right and talk to an expert today.

The Benefits of Duct Cleaning

Many homeowners and business owners aren’t aware of the impact their ducts have on their health—or their budget. But ductwork is one of the most extensive systems in your home or commercial space. Your ducts are responsible for delivering air, heat and AC to every room. And, in any indoor space, air will end up being re-circulated through the ducts many times. That means clean ducts make a major difference.

There are three major benefits of duct cleaning:

  1. Less contaminants in your air. From pollen and dust to mold and pet dander, contaminants are a normal but irksome part of our environment. Normally they’re only present in small concentrations, but over time they build up in your duct system. That means that even fresh air from outdoors picks up these contaminants while circulating. Thorough duct cleaning eliminates this buildup and gives you fresh, clean air.
  2. Lower energy bills. That same dusty, contaminated air passes over and over through your air conditioning or heating system. At best, this means air filters wear out more quickly—but sooner or later, the result is going to be a heating/AC system working overtime. AC is particularly vulnerable, since it’s already straining under the high summer temperatures in Henderson. Cleaning your ducts relieves the stress on your system, dropping your energy bills and extending your AC and furnace’s lifespan.
  3. Better health. Allergies, asthma, and respiratory symptoms can all be triggered by poor air quality. In some cases, uncleaned ducts become a breeding ground for bacteria and airborne disease. The simplest way to protect yourself and those around you is to have a regular, professional cleaning. This can bring immediate relief from allergies, asthma and more.

What types of contaminants are most common in air ducts in Henderson?

Anything that can travel in the air can settle in, and eventually build up in your ducts. However, some types of contaminants are more common than others. Here are the most serious contaminants in the Henderson area:

  • Household dust which includes skin particles and bacteria
  • Outside dust from the environment
  • Pet dander
  • Particulate from construction or remodeling
  • Pollen
  • Spores/mold
  • Dust mites
  • Residue from cigarette smoke

These are all common in both homes and businesses. Some businesses will face much more serious buildup however—such as the ventilation ducts at commercial kitchens, or in auto shops and other working spaces.

In general, homes should have ducts cleaned every 5-10 years; if occupants have allergies or pets, every 5 years; and businesses more frequently.

How do I know if my ducts are leaking or faulty?

In some cases, ducts face bigger problems than just grime. The most common is leaky ducts. All ducts must be sealed so that air stays inside and doesn’t leak out (along with expensive heat or AC). Normally they are sealed when first put in, but these seals can wear out.

Symptoms of leaking air ducts include:

  • AC or heating costs seem higher than they used to be
  • The AC (or heat) seems to struggle to reach the temperature set on the thermostat. If AC cannot keep the house as cool as you would like, or air does not come out of the vents as cold or warm as it should, one common cause is leaking in your ducts.

Ultimately, leaking ducts will not only mean high energy bills, but a high risk of a failure of your AC or heating system—or both.

In some cases, however, the problem is more than just leaking. Ductwork can suffer damage or corrosion, which can lead to gaps between ducts, holes in the ducts themselves, or standing water. Any damage to the duct is a problem that only gets worse over time. Condensation or water in particular can cause major mold problems.

Ambient Edge offers comprehensive duct sealing and duct repairs. Our NATE-certified technical specialists can identify any trouble spots in your ductwork as part of our inspection.

Commercial Duct Cleaning & Repair Services

Homeowners are not the only ones who lose money when ducts aren’t properly maintained. Businesses face much higher costs—both in the amount of energy used, and in the liability risk if poor air quality creates a health problem.

The experts at Ambient Edge understand business HVAC needs. We can evaluate your duct cleaning needs based on the type of system you use, your industry, and your business priorities. In many cases we can save you substantially on both energy and future repair costs. And we provide maintenance contracts so you can control costs and extend equipment life.

Talk to a Duct Cleaning Professional Today

The condition of your ducts has a direct impact on your health and your pocketbook. Ambient Edge can inspect, clean and repair your ducts—and we stand behind our work with our 5-Star Service Guarantee. Call us at 702-723-4704 or fill out the form to your right and talk to an expert today.

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