Refrigeration is a costly but important part of any kitchen or food industry business. Luckily, a refrigeration unit can last a long time if it’s taken care of—even up to 15 years. But getting the high-quality maintenance and servicing you need isn’t easy. Too many companies in Kingman claim they work on commercial units when they have little specialized training, and too many others treat NATE certification as the only credential they need. At Ambient Edge, we do things differently.

Ambient Edge offers the best in:

  • Commercial refrigeration repairs and servicing
  • Maintenance calls and maintenance plans at affordable rates
  • High-efficiency new units
  • Commercial refrigeration installation
  • 24/7 emergency live assistance and repair
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Ambient Edge is the number one commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance company in Kingman. We only work with seasoned industry experts, and we require extensive additional training beyond NATE certification—from every technician we send out.

We value the needs of your company and arrive on-time to provide reliable repairs. Get the most out of your investment through our affordable preventative maintenance plans. Call 928-263-8698 to schedule your comprehensive commercial refrigeration maintenance service call.

Refrigeration Services in Kingman

We’re proud of our work. Ambient Edge has a 15-year record of top-rated service. In that time, we have provided comprehensive repair and maintenance services to businesses in all corners of the foodservice industry.

In Kingman, we often work with:

  • Small businesses
  • Retail chains
  • Restaurants and bars
  • School cafeterias
  • Hospitals and elderly care facilities

Our technicians have years of experience working with nearly every refrigeration unit available. That’s how we are able to provide expert and timely refrigeration repairs to so many different businesses and organizations. In Kingman, we often service:

If it keeps your product cool and it’s causing you problems, don’t hesitate to call Ambient Edge. Our highly trained and knowledgeable technicians are ready to provide reliable maintenance and timely repairs when you need them.

3 Costly Refrigeration Issues to Avoid

Regular maintenance is essential to extending the lifetime of your refrigeration equipment. But it doesn’t just allow you to get more use out of your equipment. It also helps prevent major problems and costly repairs. By keeping your refrigeration equipment operating at peak performance, our technicians keep your equipment from wearing down early.

Here are some of the issues you can avoid with regular maintenance:

  1. Refrigeration unit runs loudly. Modern refrigeration equipment is designed to run with minimal noise. If you notice your refrigeration unit running loudly, it could be a sign of a major problem with the compressor, motor, or other components.
  2. Ice buildup. Ice may seem like a good thing for a refrigerator or freezer. But ice that is allowed to build up around the condenser coils or other components can actually hinder the insulation, cause airflow problems, and cause the motor to work harder to maintain a consistent temperature.
  3. Product threatening temperature fluctuations. A refrigerant leak or issue with the compressor or thermostat can cause your refrigeration unit to have difficulty maintaining a consistent temperature. These are major issues that can be prevented by a regular tune-up.

Professional Maintenance Makes a Difference

During a maintenance visit, our technicians will complete a thorough inspection of your refrigeration equipment. This often includes:

  • Testing the temperature and thermostat
  • Testing pressure controls and electrical connections
  • Inspecting the door and shell for potential leaks
  • Cleaning coils
  • Lubricating bearings and motors as needed
  • Recalibrating defrost controls, fans, and motors

After every maintenance service call, we’ll send you a full report detailing all the work completed as well as our recommendations for how to improving the performance of your equipment.

These maintenance visits make a quantifiable difference for your bottom line, including:

  • Energy savings
  • Lower risk of costly repairs
  • Longer life span for your commercial refrigeration equipment

No restaurant or food industry business should go without a professional maintenance plan for its refrigeration systems.

Talk to a Kingman Commercial Refrigeration Repair and Maintenance Expert

You’ve invested a lot of time and money into your refrigeration equipment. To make sure you get the best returns on that investment, you need refrigeration experts you can trust. At Ambient Edge, our goal is to take the hassle out of commercial refrigeration by saving you time and money on costly repairs. Keep your bills low and your product safe with our affordable preventative maintenance plans. Call 928-263-8698 to talk to a refrigeration repair and maintenance expert today.

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