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Kingman’s residents and business owners enjoy access to Northwestern Arizona’s premier heating and air conditioning service provider. We have years of experience in the region and boasts a deep lineup of NATE-certified, Arizona-licensed technicians who can handle repair, installation and replacement jobs of virtually any complexity. From routine duct cleanings and indoor air quality audits to complex retrofits and whole-system tuneups, these highly trained professionals complete their work in a timely, efficient manner. What’s more, they’re on call around the clock to handle any unexpected breakdowns, maintenance problems or emergencies that might arise.

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Kingman, AZ


Although the valley in which Kingman lies has been intermittently inhabited since prehistoric times, the area wasn’t the site of a permanent settlement until the late 19th century. The arrival of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad brought an influx of development and economic activity to the region. During the first decades of the 20th century, the area’s strategic location made it an ideal spot for a U.S. Army airfield. This brought additional development into the region and laid the groundwork for the construction of the Kingman Airport, a major hub between Las Vegas and Phoenix. Today, Kingman is known as a popular destination for tourists and retirees as well as a logistics hub for the Southwest.


Kingman lies in a broad valley near the western edge of the Colorado Plateau. The surrounding area is characterized by rugged uplands that reach higher than 6,000 feet in elevation and arid lowlands that harbor scrubby vegetation. Kingman itself sits at about 3,300 feet above sea level and boasts excellent views of the Mojave Desert. Nearby communities include Butler, New Kingman and Golden Valley. The area’s principal transportation thoroughfares include Interstate 40 and U.S. Highway 93.

Population and Demographics

Kingman has a year-round population of about 30,000 people. However, the relatively dense cluster of outlying communities raises the population of the trade area centered on Kingman to nearly 100,000. Many local residents work in the logistics or light manufacturing industries. Others are retirees or second-homeowners who live in the region on a seasonal basis and return to their primary residences during the summer months. The population of families with school-age children is higher than in other western Arizona communities.

Things to Do in Kingman, Arizona

Kingman has plenty to see and do. Nearby Mount Tipton Wilderness Area is a popular destination for hikers, bird-watchers and rock climbers. History buffs frequent the museums and shops along Kingman’s stretch of historic Route 66, the ancestral highway across the American West. Boaters and scuba divers can check out nearby Lake Mohave and the surrounding Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Kingman itself is a popular shooting location for the film industry and regularly attracts movie buffs and scholars.

Climate and Weather

Like much of the rest of northwestern Arizona, Kingman has an arid climate that’s characterized by dry, generally warm conditions that are somewhat moderated by altitude. During the summer, temperatures can exceed 100 degrees. Fortunately, a lack of humidity reduces the danger associated with outdoor activity. Fall and winter tend to be slightly wetter, but soaking rains and thunderstorms only occur a handful of times per year. Although frozen precipitation is rare in Kingman itself, the surrounding hills and mountains occasionally experience accumulating snowfall.