Air ducts are designed to be out of sight. That means they’re often out of mind too. And when they’re moving air efficiently, that’s how it should be. But when hot or cold spots pop up in your home, it’s not only uncomfortable, it could be a sign that you’re losing money as your HVAC system works harder to heat or cool your home. You shouldn’t have to lose peace of mind over your ductwork—you need an experienced team of experts who know how to get your heating and AC back in top form. You need Ambient Edge.

Ambient Edge is your local air duct cleaning, sealing, and repair company in North Las Vegas. Our technicians have years of industry experience and all hold NATE certifications, the industry standard in heating and air conditioning. And with our 15 years of top-rated service, you can be confident you’ll always get the best from our work. Call or click the book online button to get the 5-star air duct service you deserve.

Why is my AC not cooling my home evenly?

Has your home become drafty or developed cold or hot spots? Are doors closing randomly, or your air vents whistling? It probably means there’s a fault in your ductwork. Over time, air ducts can corrode and develop air leaks that bleed hot or cold air. These leaks can also lead to changes in air pressure that can cause drafty areas and make doors close on their own.

But drafts and leaks aren’t just spooky. They’re also clear signs your losing money as your AC works harder to replace the lost air. Luckily, not all airflow problems come from faulty ductwork. There are some steps you can take to maintain adequate airflow through your home.

Here are three steps to check for airflow problems:

  • Check the outdoor condenser unit. The condenser unit sits outside your home and brings cool or hot air inside. Sometimes, the condenser unit becomes blocked by dirt or branches. When this happens, turn off your HVAC system (including the condenser unit) and clear away the area around the condenser unit.
  • Check and clear the air vents. Air vents that are blocked by furniture, objects, or debris won’t allow for smooth airflow. Make sure all air vents are open and clear of obstacles to ensure adequate airflow.
  • Change air filters every 3-6 months. Air filters that aren’t changed regularly will clog up with dust and debris. This prevents adequate airflow from moving through your home. Changing your air filters every 3-6 months helps make sure the airflow in your home is clean and efficient.

If these steps don’t solve your airflow problems, it may be time to talk to a ductwork professional. At Ambient Edge, we want to protect your wallet and your wellbeing. Our team of highly trained HVAC technicians can dramatically improve the heating, cooling, air quality, and efficiency of your HVAC system with just one quick service call.

How often should air ducts be resealed?

Unlike cleaning, resealing air ducts isn’t something you need to have done regularly. But if you’re noticing a difference in how the air is moving through your home, it may be caused by leaking, corrosion, or simply poor installation of your ductwork.

Here are some signs your ductwork needs resealing:

  • Poor airflow. Hot and cold air are moved through the ductwork of your home, but if a leak or fault develops in the system it can cause cold spots in the winter and warm areas in the summer.
  • Higher energy bills. When air that escapes through corroded or faulty ductwork, you’re not just losing hot or cold air. You’re losing money as your HVAC system work harder to moderate the temperature of your home.
  • Loud noises from my air vents. A poorly installed ductwork system can sometimes cause rattling or banging sounds as the air ducts expand or contract, grating against nearby pipes or each other. This can be both discomforting and a sign to check for other problems in the system.

Even a properly installed and maintained ductwork system will eventually degrade, causing hot or cold air to leak out and raise your energy bill. When this happens, you shouldn’t have to wait until your regular maintenance service call to get solutions. Our technical specialists are here to get your ductwork operating at peak performance again.

How often should my air ducts be cleaned?

The short answer is every 5-10 years. The longer answer is that it depends on type of space, as well as the activity and air quality needs of your household or business.

For homes, it can all depend on what particles are being released into the air. Homes with a lot of pet hair or dander, cigarette smoke, or in areas with lots of pollen may require more frequent cleaning. The health needs of your household also factor in. People who have allergies or experience breathing-related health issues may wish to have their air ducts cleaned every 5 years–or more, if health issues continue.

For businesses, it all depends on the level of activity within the space. Restaurants or kitchens tend to release much more particles in the air through smoke and steam. We recommend high activity businesses get their air ducts cleaned once every 5 years.

No matter the home, it’s always a good idea to get your air ducts inspected and cleaned at least once a decade. Without occasional cleaning and resealing, contaminants can work their way through cracks or corroded areas and past the air filters meant to keep them out. Don’t settle for poor air quality in your home or business. Call Ambient Edge for the quality air duct cleaning you deserve.

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