When commercial refrigeration units fail, your business can’t afford to wait. Ambient Edge offers fast, effective and expertly managed emergency commercial refrigeration repairs in Bullhead City.

Here’s what differentiates us from the competition:

  • 24/7/365 emergency repairs handled by top commercial teams
  • Rapid response time and fast turnaround on all commercial jobs
  • 24-hour live help to answer questions and help you determine the right move
  • Bullhead City’s best technicians with extensive commercial refrigeration training above and beyond NATE certification
  • 100% Guarantee on every job

We arrive faster, we do better work, and we implement repairs you can trust.

Every minute without refrigeration is a risk to your business. Don’t trust a less proven team. Call Ambient Edge at 928-263-8698 or fill out the form to the right and get the emergency repair service you need.

We Make Commercial Refrigeration Problems Go Away

Ambient Edge is more than just a repair company. We have assembled a team of top commercial technicians who have experience with even less common commercial refrigeration issues. When we arrive, we move quickly to target the source of the failure and implement a fix that gets you back online. Then we address underlying or causes to make sure you get results you can believe in.

Here are some of the commercial refrigeration issues we solve for business in Bullhead City:

  • Freezer or cooler failure. A failed unit is particularly frustrating for managers because it often happens without warning, and has an immediate effect on product and your ability to serve customers. These units are complex, and we quickly narrow down the source of the problem and replace the offending component to keep your product cold.
  • Total ice-up. It can be shocking how quickly a commercial freezer will fill up with frost or ice when it’s not working right. The problem could be drainage, a temperature issue, ventilation problems, or humid air leaking in from the outside. We don’t just de-ice your unit—we isolate the cause and fix it.
  • Temperature control issues. Shifts in cooler temperature don’t always seem like a big deal at first because you can simply turn the dial. But as the problem becomes more pronounced, it can very suddenly put product at risk, leading to melted ice cream, thawed meat or lukewarm dairy even though the unit is still “running.” We assess maintenance issues, failed components and electrical problems to quickly stabilize and repair your unit.
  • Ice makers don’t make ice. Bars and even restaurants are dependent on ice to keep customers happy. The highest-value beverage products cannot even be prepared or served without it. And stopgap measures like ice bags cannot keep up with demand. We don’t just get your ice machine running again, we will bring in a temporary machine when necessary so your customers don’t even know about the snafu.

No matter what problem you’re dealing with, we deliver solutions—24 hours a day. We can scramble a team to your location and get your business running the way it should.

Fast, Effective Repairs on Any Commercial Refrigeration Unit

We’ve spent 15 years developing the staff, the resources, and the expertise to handle all types of commercial refrigeration customers. We routinely do repairs in retail, supermarket/grocery, restaurant/bar, hotel, cafeteria and catering. As a result, Ambient Edge has the capability to deliver results for any type of refrigeration or HVAC system:

  • Walk-in freezers and walk-in coolers
  • Kitchen prep table/cooler setups
  • Retail units such as refrigerated merchandisers, reach-ins & large grocery cooler systems
  • Refrigerated merchandisers/customer-facing reach-in coolers & reach-in freezers
  • Wine chillers, beer coolers, back-bar units & under-bar units
  • Refrigerated bases for equipment
  • Ice makers
  • Side-by-side or top-and-bottom refrigerator/freezer combos
  • Product-specific units for wine, deli, pizzeria, ice cream shop, kitchen lines & others
  • Industrial food storage/product chilling units
  • Commercial air conditioning, ventilation and HVAC systems

if you have a commercial refrigeration emergency, we have a solution. Call us.

Don’t Lose Another Dollar—or Another Customer

Any threat to refrigeration is a threat to your product, your customers, and your sales. Don’t wait for a less reliable company to show up. Ambient Edge is the Bullhead City 24-hour commercial refrigeration repair company that gets results—when you need them. Call us at 928-263-8698 or fill out the form to your right and talk to an expert today.

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