Your ductwork shoulders some big responsibility in your home. It’s the system that ensures that your house is adequately heated and cooled—and it needs to do so without wasting energy and money. Any time ductwork doesn’t work correctly or needs to be cleaned, it can lead to overworked heat/AC, rising energy costs, and uncomfortable rooms. In many cases faulty ductwork will contribute to costly failures with your cooling and heating systems. Learn to spot the telltale signs: if you have noticed a gradual decline in how well your temperature in your home is being regulated, or if energy bills are too high, it’s time to call in the experts.

Ambient Edge is here for you. Ambient Edge has been providing air duct cleaning, sealing and repairs in the Bullhead City area for more than 15 years. Our highly-trained technicians offer five-star service and honest answers you can count on—backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you need reliable service and cost-effective solutions, you need Ambient Edge.

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Ambient Edge Offers Complete Ductwork Solutions

No system in your home can save you—or waste—as much money as your ductwork, heating and AC. And when something isn’t right, it dramatically affects your home comfort. Our experts can pinpoint the problem and help you determine the most cost-effective and efficient way to make a repair.

While you may just see registers scattered about your home, our team sees an intricate web of ducts that must be designed and maintained in a way that delivers maximum efficiency. Defects in this system can cost you hundreds of dollars in increased energy costs per year.

Here are some of the services we offer in Bullhead City to cut down on energy waste and get ducts working right:

  • Duct cleaning
  • Duct sealing to eliminate leakage and boost efficiency
  • Duct system testing for air flow and leakage problems from corrosion and gaps
  • Insulating ducts properly so they provide maximum airflow to the desired destinations
  • Equalization services, including relocating registers, so that airflow is balanced
  • Ductwork repairs, installation and upgrades

Don’t let your money go to waste. Ambient Edge can help you deal with energy waste by cleaning, repairing, and sealing your existing duct system.

Why is air duct sealing so important?

Ducts only have one job: deliver warm or cool air. When you have gaps or holes in your air ducts—or in their insulation—it lets out that conditioned air before it reaches its destination. It can also let in air from the outside, which affects the temperature in your home and wastes the energy you paid for. In some cases, bad ductwork will end up moving air from one part of the house to another while leaking your heat or AC to the outside.

In addition to inflated energy bills, leaky ducts can cause two major problems:

  1. They make your AC and furnace work harder—which is hard on equipment. It can decrease the life-span of these devices, which are often among the biggest investments in your home. It can also lead to emergency breakdowns, like losing your AC in the peak of the Arizona summer.
  2. They can be harmful to those who have breathing problems or allergies. Dust, dirt, and pollen can get into your air from gaps in your ducts. This can decrease the air quality of your home—and often completely undermines the work that your system is trying to do. That outside debris may even completely bypass your air filter, because it’s coming in through unexpected places. The result can be rough for anyone with a respiratory condition.

Sealing off your ducts can address all of these problems. Sometimes sealing is as identifying holes and using a special type of sealing tape. In other situations, you may need to replace a piece of the duct to cut down on gapping. Or, a small amount of added insulation can fix energy loss when no actual corrosion is present. Ambient Edge will work with you to find the best solution for your home.

How do I know if I have a problem with my air ducts?

It can be difficult to notice a problem with your ducts until there has already been significant damage. By the time you notice temperature changes, the problem could have already existed for months or even years. Nonetheless, uneven heating and cooling is one of the most telling signs that your ductwork may need to be repaired or cleaned. If rooms have wildly different temperatures or your AC/heat needs to run almost continuously, it may be time to call Ambient Edge.

Other signs that there could be a problem with your ducts include:

  • Musty or stale air smells
  • Low air flow coming directly from vents
  • The air from vents does not feel cold or warm, as it should
  • Your monthly energy bill has jumped (or has been gradually increasing without significant changes in energy usage)
  • Allergies or breathing issues seem to be getting worse
  • Your filter needs replaced more often
  • You notice problems with condensation or moisture
  • You notice signs of pest infestations (including bugs and rodents)
  • You see dust or debris blowing out of your vents

Some of these symptoms could indicate that there is something wrong with your furnace or air conditioner. Our experts can inspect everything and give you a definite answer. In many cases, fixing your ductwork is a less expensive repair that delivers big savings.

New homeowners: it’s a good idea to check your ductwork before you move in. A thorough cleaning can go a long way—especially if you have no idea when your ducts have last had any attention. Ambient Edge can help you get sealing or repairs out of the way before you even get your first energy bill in your new home.

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