No one wants to lose air conditioning on a hot day in Bullhead City. But at Ambient Edge, we can get your AC working fast—any time, day or night. We are a licensed, certified and highly rated 24-hour emergency AC repair company serving Bullhead City. And we deliver results, fast.

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What You Get with Ambient Edge

Our goal is simple: we make your day better. We give stress-free repairs that help you get back to your life with as little interruption as possible. And we do it anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Here’s what makes Ambient Edge different:

  • We show up fast and on-time
  • Our technicians are friendly, respectful and helpful
  • We give you a flat-rate, up-front pricewith no hidden fees
  • We do every job right the first time—and back it with a 100% Guarantee

We believe this kind of service makes a difference. And it turns out our customers think so too. That’s why we’ve won multiple service awards, consistently get top customer reviews, and are one of the most recommended AC emergency services in Bullhead City. Give us a call and learn what it means to get 5-star service on your repair.

What should I do if I have an AC emergency?

Having any kind of AC problem is frustrating, and in the middle of a Bullhead City summer, it’s a nightmare. But there are certain steps you can take to make sure it turns out well—and even to save money. Here’s what you should do:

  • In most cases, you should turn off the AC. If AC isn’t working right, is hot instead of cold, or is making odd noises, it usually means some part of the system is broken or about to break. Usually, the problem is only going to get worse if you keep running the system. That could mean it goes from a relatively small repair to a much more expensive one, or that it goes from a minor problem to a total AC failure. By shutting down your AC, you are potentially saving money on the repair.
  • Take simple DIY steps. If AC isn’t working at all, we always recommend checking the settings on the thermostat, checking batteries in the thermostat, and making sure no circuits were tripped in the circuit box. You could have your AC working again in just seconds.
  • Get answers from a professional. At Ambient Edge, we offer an assistance line 24 hours a day. Just give us a call and you can connect to our live on-call team who can help you figure out how serious your problem is. They may be able to tell you the most likely cause, recommend additional steps to take, and recommend whether you can keep running AC or not. They can also get a repair team to your house if you want one.
  • Get a guarantee on any repairs. We consider this a must. There are plenty of AC companies out there, but they don’t all come with the same level of training, expertise or customer service. At Ambient Edge, we try to make out service as transparent and trustworthy as possible, with up-front pricing, no hidden fees, and the best NATE-certified technical specialists in the business. But no matter who you hire to do your repairs, make sure they offer a comprehensive guarantee. We back every job with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

My AC is blowing hot air. Is it an emergency?

It could be. There are different reasons why this happens. In some cases you will need to call a professional, but in other cases you can troubleshoot it easily on your own.

Any time AC is blowing hot air, there are a few things you should check:

  • Is the thermostat set to “heat,” or turned up too high? This may sound silly, but it happens more often than you’d think. Someone else may have changed the setting or it may have gotten changed accidentally.
  • Are all the dampers open? If individual vents are closed off it usually just means you don’t get much air flow at all. But if there’s a damper to a whole section of ducts, it could be blocking cold air while some warm air still comes through. Check any dampers and make sure the ducts are connected to the blower unit (the fan that brings in AC from the outdoor unit).
  • Make sure power is on. If the outdoor AC unit—the compressor—is not getting power, sometimes the blower will still activate and bring in warm air instead of cold. Check all the switches in your circuit breaker box. Be careful: if the circuit keeps tripping for your AC unit, you have a serious problem and need to call a professional.
  • Change the air filter. Sometimes a dirty or blocked air filter prevents cool air from coming in. Change the air filter and see if the air gets colder.

If none of these fix the problem, then there’s something deeper at play. Either ductwork is damaged, or the compressor is faulty—or refrigerant is low. All of these are problems that are best dealt with by a professional. Never open up the compressor unit on your own!

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