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Your air conditioning system's refrigerant may soon be obsolete.

Important Information Regarding the R-22 PHASE OUT

Is your air conditioning unit affected?

If so...

  • The cost to maintain your system will continue to increase.
  • You may have to rely soley on recycled or reclaimed R-22 after 2020.

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R22 Costs are Skyrocketing

Our Recommendations

Due to the number of homes affected by this phase out, we recommend you start early evaluating your options and to consider replacing your unit to meet the EPA standards. As the phase out progresses, the cost of a recharge of R22 will significantly increase over the next 2 years. New refrigerant will not be produced after 2019 and the cost of a recharge is expected to skyrocket even further.

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What you need to know...
What is R-22 Phase Out

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), through Clean Air Act Regulations is phasing out the production and import of the ozone-depleting substance R-22 Refrigerant that is common in air conditioning systems manufactured before January 2010.

How does this affect homeowners?
  • For units that were made prior to 2010, by 2020, R-22 will be completely phased out and homeowners will need to rely solely on recycled or reclaimed R-22 refrigerant to service their unit.
  • Over the next few years, the cost of R22 refrigerant will continue to rise during the phase-out period increasing the cost of upkeep on units that are still using this class II substance.
  • After phasing out, it will become extremely costly and more difficult to maintain your air conditioning system.
  • If your unit was manufactured after 2010, your system should not be affected by this change. But for units that were made prior to 2010, you will need to replace your system by 2020 to avoid the high service costs that will be associated with R-22 units.
Do you have to replace your system?

No, but cost of recharge will continue to rise and we do recommend evaluating options early.

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