When businesses in Bullhead City need fast, effective commercial refrigeration repairs, they call Ambient Edge. For over 15 years we have been serving leading businesses in the restaurant industry, retail and food processing/storage industries. We understand commercial refrigeration equipment—and we deliver results.

Our offerings include:

  • Comprehensive servicing and repairs for all types of commercial refrigeration equipment
  • 24-hour emergency repairs
  • Maintenance plans customized to meet your needs
  • Installation & sales of new units
  • 100% guarantee on every job we do

No one offers more reliable commercial refrigeration repairs and maintenance in Bullhead City.

Want to see what we can do for you? Give us a call with your commercial refrigeration issue. We’ll talk through cost-effective solutions and get you the answers you need. Call Ambient Edge at 928-263-8698 or fill out the form to the right and talk to a commercial refrigeration professional today.

Your Business Is Our Number One Priority

At Ambient Edge, we don’t just deliver repairs. We deliver business solutions. We have built our company around understanding the needs of high-demand industries like hospitality, commercial kitchen and bar management, retail, catering, and food storage. From the moment you call, we’re thinking about how your business operates on a day-to-day basis and we work to understand your priorities.

Some of the ways we fit our solutions to your needs include:

  • 24/7 emergency availability
  • Ability to work quickly during tight time windows between rushes
  • Holistic solutions that address underlying problems and HVAC/kitchen setup
  • Smart recommendations to maximize your cost savings and long-term ROI
  • If equipment has to come offline, we work carefully to schedule a time that minimizes disruption and provide solutions to preserve your product

Most importantly, we back every job we do with a 100% guarantee. We understand that businesses are driven by results, and we commit to delivering.

Our Commercial Refrigeration Services in Bullhead City

No one does better commercial refrigeration and HVAC work than Ambient Edge. Here’s how we deliver value to your business:

  • We work on all types of refrigeration and HVAC equipment. We understand that commercial kitchen and retail operations entail much more than just keeping things cool. Whether it’s hoods, ventilation, airflow, or the heating/cooling for your entire business, we have the expertise and the resources to deliver solutions.
  • No one arrives faster for emergency calls. When product is thawing, we know that every minute counts. We have an on-call team standing by 24/7, fully loaded for commercial repairs. We will be there faster and resolve your emergency more effectively than other providers.
  • We go beyond industry-standard credentials. Any commercial refrigeration company will say they are NATE-certified and fully bonded, licensed and insured. We can say the same. But we require our technicians to go beyond NATE-certification and complete extensive additional training. We don’t send technicians to commercial jobs until they are truly experts at commercial repairs.

When you have better people doing the work, you get better results. That’s our belief and it’s one of the reasons we have a sky-high client retention rate.

Save Money with a Maintenance Plan

Regular maintenance is essential to any commercial operation that relies on refrigeration. Units quickly acquire grime and dust that affects performance—especially in kitchen environments. And continual operation means that parts can wear out with little warning if maintenance isn’t performed. The result is sudden and expensive breakdowns.

Ambient Edge makes it easy for your business to get reliable, thorough maintenance. We provide cost-effective maintenance plans tailored to your operation and your equipment. Every maintenance visit includes:

  • Thorough cleaning of each unit to keep performance at maximum
  • Comprehensive inspection and fine-tuning of your equipment
  • Diagnosing common problems like rising energy cost—and finding solutions
  • Early alert of potential problems—before they become catastrophes

Many managers and business owners think unreliable performance is normal. It’s not. Common issues like problems controlling temperature, ice and frost buildup, rapid cycling of a unit, and excessive energy costs are all symptoms of deeper problems. And they can all be eliminated with maintenance or simple, often inexpensive repairs if they’re caught early.

We can help you make your refrigeration trouble spots go away. Call us.

Get Answers from Bullhead City’s Leading Commercial Refrigeration Experts

You do not have to tolerate unreliable equipment or bloated energy costs—and repairs and maintenance should never be a burden for your business. Ambient Edge can make your commercial refrigeration perform and help you save money. Call Ambient Edge at 928-263-8698 or fill out the form to your right and talk to an expert today.

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