Installing a furnace or heating system is a lot of work. Like any big appliance, it takes a lot of time and care to install correctly. But unlike other big appliances, a furnace must be integrated with other smaller components, often including air ducts that run throughout the house. If not installed correctly, a furnace won’t heat a home efficiently and will cost more in the long run on monthly bills. Don’t trust a less experienced technician. When you’re installing a new furnace you want experts on your side to get the job done right. You want Ambient Edge—your leading local heating and furnace installation company in Bullhead City for 15 years.

At Ambient Edge, we offer:

  • NATE-certified technicians
  • Professional installations with 100% code compliance
  • Comprehensive estimates with NO hidden fees
  • Price Match Guarantee—so you know you are saving the most money possible
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Ambient Edge, your comfort is our priority. Our team of NATE-certified expert technicians have the knowledge and experience to install any new furnace unit. We arrive on time and work quickly and effectively to get your heating system installed and working at peak performance. We offer flat-rate estimates with NO hidden fees, and we even offer FREE estimates whenever you buy your new unit from us. Call 928-263-8698 to get the 5-star furnace installation service you deserve.

What heating systems do you install in Bullhead City?

Nearly all of them! We sell energy-efficient new units and we install heating systems of nearly all kinds. Our technicians are up-to-date on current furnace units on the market and all local building codes. If it keeps your house warm, odds are our technicians can get it up and running fast.

In Bullhead City we commonly install:

  • Heat pumps
  • Forced air systems (electric or gas furnaces)
  • Ductwork and ventilation systems

But we don’t stop there. If you have a system in mind, we’ll work with you to install it in your home so your furnace runs at highest efficiency. And if you don’t have a system in mind, don’t worry. Our team of heating system experts are on the line to answer any heating and furnace questions you may have. You can get ahold of a live operator at any time, day or night. Our heating experts will work with you to find the best unit or heating system for your home, find factory rebates and tax credits to bring down the price, and schedule your estimate at a time convenient for you.

How does the installation work?

Furnace installations are bigger and more complicated jobs than most appliance installations. But at Ambient Edge, our goal is to take the hassle out of heating your home. That’s why we send a comfort specialist to your home to assess the work that needs to be done to install your furnace effectively and efficiently. Once the assessment is complete, they’ll walk you through the necessary steps to install your furnace. We’ll take any installation job, however complicated, and break it down so it’s clear and understandable.

The installation process includes 5 steps:

  1. A flat-rate estimate with NO hidden fees. You should have all the information you need to make the best decisions for your home. That’s why we send a comfort specialist to assess the necessary and expected work for your installation. Once the assessment is complete, we’ll give you a flat-rate estimate of all the expected and necessary work. Except in truly unexpected circumstances, that flat-rate will look very close to the final payment. And whenever you purchase your new furnace unit from us, we’ll give you your estimate for FREE.
  2. Finding you savings. If you haven’t already purchased a furnace unit, our heating experts will help you search for the most efficient unit for your budget and find ways to save on the upfront cost. We’ll look for tax credits, factory rebates, company promotions—anything we can find to save you money.
  3. Removing the old furnace unit. If you are replacing an existing furnace unit, our expert technicians will carefully and professionally remove the old unit before installing your new furnace.
  4. Installing your new furnace. Our trained and experienced technicians know and understand all local building codes and will install your furnace or heating system to be safe, code compliant, and energy-efficient. Our technicians also fine-tune and calibrate your new furnace unit or heating system so it runs at peak performance.
  5. Most heating systems and furnaces require ductwork to carry hot air through your home. If you don’t already have ductwork in your home, our expert technicians provide expert duct installation and repair services. We will install new ducts, or clean, seal & repair air ducts throughout your home. All needed ductwork will be included in your comprehensive estimate.

How do I get a free estimate for my heating system installation?

Planning a furnace installation requires a home visit, and many companies charge just to give you an estimate. At Ambient Edge, when you buy your heating system from us, we provide a FREE comprehensive estimate.

We want to give you the information you need to make an informed decision. That’s why we offer you all the costs up front, so you can make choices that save money and pay off in the long-term.

Your free estimate includes:

  • The price of the unit
  • All expected installation and duct work
  • 1 year of service and maintenance

In our effort to make heating installation a hassle-free experience, we include a full year of service and maintenance in your estimate so you can be sure your new furnace is running at its best. Our top-rated heating maintenance services keep your furnace running efficiently and extends the overall lifetime of your heating unit or system.

Talk to a Bullhead City Furnace Installation Expert Today

You don’t have to struggle through a furnace installation all on your own. At Ambient Edge, our team of expert heating and furnace technicians are here to get your house comfy and cozy without the hassle of a lengthy installation. Call 928-263-8698 today to get the 5-star installation service you deserve.


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