Whether you’re replacing a furnace because it’s wearing out, or simply to get a more energy-efficient system, installation is not an easy task to handle on your own. Heating systems require expertise, knowledge, and familiarity with local codes. They also need to be fine-tuned to give you reliable, efficient heat with the least energy cost. You don’t have to take on this project by yourself. Let your local Henderson heating and furnace installation company help you.
At Ambient Edge, we offer NATE-certified professionals and guaranteed five-star service. We understand the hassle that homeowners face when installing a new furnace, and our job is to make your life easier. Our heating system installations include:

  • Comprehensive estimates with NO surprise fees
  • Professional installation, any necessary ductwork and 100% code-compliance
  • Licensed, bonded and insured for your protection
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We can install a unit you already have, or offer you a FREE estimate on installation when you buy your unit from us. Call 702-723-4704 or fill out the form to the right and talk to an expert today.

What kinds of furnaces and heaters can you install in Henderson?

We can install just about any type of heating system you can think of. That’s because we only hire seasoned professionals, and we require all of our technical specialists to complete extensive training and certification. Each member of the team is NATE-certified, which is the highest standard in the heating industry. We also require regular ongoing training so that all of our specialists are ready for new models and technologies.
The types of heating systems we install include:

  • Forced air systems (electric or gas furnace)
  • Heat pumps
  • Propane
  • Radiators and boilers
  • Radiant floor heating or wall panels
  • Fuel oil systems
  • Electric baseboards
  • Ductwork and ventilation where needed

If you have a specific system in mind, just ask us. You can get a hold of a live operator any time, night or day. Our on-call team will work with you to answer questions and we’re happy to schedule a time to give you an estimate.

What should I expect when I call for a furnace installation?

Furnace installation is a bigger job than many other household appliances because, in most cases, it will affect your whole home. It’s not just the heater, but oftentimes the ductwork or a ventilation stack, that has to be considered. But we’re here to make it easy. When you call us, we will take even the most complex installation job and break it down so it’s easy to understand.
The process usually looks like this:

  • The estimate. We want you to have all the numbers you need up front, and we make it as transparent as possible. We will come to your home, assess the work that needs to be done, and give you a flat-rate estimate. Your estimate includes everything we expect to have to do, with no hidden charges.
  • Saving you money. If you don’t already have a heating unit in mind, we can help you identify one that’s within your budget—and compare energy savings on different models to maximize what you save. We will also search for rebates and tax credits that can lower the cost further.
  • Removing the old unit. We will safely, carefully and professionally de-install your existing unit if needed.
  • We know local code and will install any furnace or heating system to be safe, compliant and efficient—every time. We also fine-tune your unit to maximize its efficiency.
  • Most furnaces require ducts. We can install new ducts, repair or replace corroded old ducts, or correct ductwork that’s leaving some parts of your home cold. We will include any expected ductwork in your initial estimate.

Do you offer installation on all the heating systems you sell?

Yes. In fact, when you buy your heating system from us, we will provide a single FREE estimate that includes:

  • The price of the unit
  • Installation and ductwork
  • 1 year of service and maintenance

We do this so you can see all the costs up front and make an informed decision. We believe in transparency and helping our customers make choices that will pay off long-term. We want you to feel happy about your purchase and to enjoy the most reliable, energy-efficient heat possible. This is all part of our mission to make getting a new home heating system an easy, hassle-free experience.

What if I already have a unit, or I’m getting it from somewhere else?

No problem. A lot of homeowners will get their furnace from another source and then turn to our experts to install it. We can work with virtually any unit—regardless of age, make or model.
If you already have your unit, or have a unit in mind, just let us know when you call. We can work from the specs of the unit and come give you an estimate just like any other install job.

Talk to a Henderson Heating Installation Expert

Getting a new heating system should be a way to make your life easier, not harder. Let our trained professionals do the job for you. We offer a FREE estimate, up-front pricing, and a 100% guarantee—as well as our five-star service. Call us at 702-723-4704 or fill out the form to your right and speak with one of our comfort consultants today.

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