3 Ways to Deal With Late Summer Heat Waves


3 Ways to Deal With Late Summer Heat Waves

Though the hottest part of summer might have passed already, the months of August and September still have the potential to generate heat waves. Here are three ways to keep your Kingman, Arizona home cool throughout the late summer.

Keep the Most Important Rooms Cool

A central air conditioning system’s job is to cool your entire home. This sounds pleasant, but it can be inefficient, especially during a heat wave. A ductless air conditioning system or mini-split system cools select zones or rooms in your home, so you can target only the most important rooms, such as the family room and bedrooms. In addition to offering isolated cooling, ductless systems are also designed for high efficiency, so you don’t have to worry about wasting energy or driving up energy costs as you stay cool.

Use Ceiling Fans

If you’re not in the market for a new air conditioner, ceiling fans can keep you comfortable by improving air circulation. Though ceiling fans don’t actually lower your home’s temperature, the wind chill effect they create makes it feel as though the temperature in a room has dropped a few degrees. When shopping for a ceiling fan, look for attractive designs with large blades. To increase your home’s comfort level, you’ll want a fan to circulate the greatest amount of air with the smallest amount of effort possible.

Decrease the Humidity

High humidity might not seem like a big issue in Arizona, but some homes handle indoor moisture better than others. If your air conditioner doesn’t pull moisture from the air effectively, your home might feel a few degrees cooler than it actually is. A whole-home dehumidifier is a good way to address this problem, since it lowers humidity throughout your home while decreasing the stress on your air conditioner.

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