4 Energy-Saving Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Cool


4 Energy-Saving Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Cool

The warm summer months in Kingman, Arizona, create a prime season for parties, gatherings, and other social events. Whether you’re getting ready for a potluck or hosting the meal yourself, keeping your kitchen cool is a major concern. Use these tips to make sure your home stays comfortable while your family’s bellies stay full.

Make No-Cook Meals

The easiest way to keep your kitchen cool in summer is to turn off your appliances completely. Opt for delicious no-cook meals instead. You can turn a light salad into a heartier dish by adding a rich feta or goat cheese and including deli meats like prosciutto. Not every salad relies on a leafy base, either. Try a protein-packed chicken and white bean salad or tuna and egg salad.

Use Efficient Cooking Methods

If you’re craving something warm but don’t want the accompanying heat in your kitchen, you can keep things cooler by using efficient cooking methods. Use the smallest pot and burner for the job, and put lids on your pots so steam doesn’t escape. Opt for microwave cooking over your stove whenever you can. Don’t peek in the oven or lift the lids on pots unless you absolutely have to, so the heat is confined to your cooking space.

Fire Up the Grill

The grill is the ultimate solution for energy-saving summer cooking. You can prepare nearly any item on a grill, from juicy meats to flavorful vegetables to sweet treats for dessert. Get creative and keep all the heat outside as you cook.

Turn on the Fan

Fans produce a wind chill effect that will make a room feel cooler to the inhabitants. Turning on a ceiling fan in your kitchen or dining area will keep a light breeze blowing on your skin so you can feel comfortable with minimal air conditioning.

Despite your best efforts, you’ll inevitably face some warm afternoons in the kitchen. Make sure your air conditioner is up to the task by scheduling your annual HVAC tuneup. Contact Ambient Edge at 928-263-8698 to make your appointment.

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