6 Benefits a New Commercial HVAC System Has for Your Business


6 Benefits a New Commercial HVAC System Has for Your Business

Business owners in Henderson, Nevada, juggle so many responsibilities. You’re in charge of everything from hiring new employees to making sure your building meets local codes. You maintain a website, and you interact with customers in person. With all this on your plate, you probably don’t think about upgrading your commercial HVAC system very often.

Your business’s commercial HVAC system is responsible for office comfort, energy efficiency, and a big chunk of your power bills; when that HVAC system is old, it causes problems for your business. From increased overhead to uncomfortable employees, your current HVAC system might be more detrimental to your office than you ever realized. A new commercial HVAC system has many benefits, and though you probably know about some, others are sure to surprise you.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Cut costs from your business’s overhead when you upgrade your commercial HVAC system. Initially, an upgrade may not seem like an expense you want to take on. The energy efficiency of your new system will reduce your utility bills, though, and save your business money in the long term.

Options for reducing energy consumption are many, thanks to the number of new energy-saving technologies on the market. From energy recovery ventilation to desiccant dehumidification, Ambient Edge offers a variety of units and add-on systems that best fit your business’s footprint and unique needs. We can help you figure out where you’re losing the most energy so we can address these issues while we help you choose, and later install, the new system.

Go Green

When you upgrade your HVAC system, you’ll help your business engage in more environmentally friendly practices. If you’re a business owner who has taken the time to reduce paper waste and greenify the office in other ways, then your commercial HVAC system should be the next step you take.

We offer a great array of Lennox products, so when you upgrade your commercial HVAC system, ask about programmable and smart thermostats, too. One of the best ways to leverage the new energy efficiency of your HVAC system is with a smart thermostat. Smart commercial thermostats make controlling your office’s interior environment simple. You can set reminders for maintenance; create daily, weekly, or weekend schedules; and change the system to “away” by hitting one button.

Lennox offers great options for smart thermostats that we can install with your new HVAC system. Both the Comfortsense 7500 Commercial Thermostat and the iComfort Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat offer you the features you need for a greener office and simpler control over your HVAC system.

Get Reliable Indoor Temperatures

Does your office have one room that’s always too hot, while the rest of the rooms are freezing? Are some of your employees running fans at their desks, while others are bundled up in July like it’s the middle of winter? The older your commercial HVAC system is, the more likely you’ll have temperature inconsistencies within your office. Duct problems, equipment malfunctions, and poor thermostat calibration all contribute to indoor temperature issues.

Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of the building’s construction, especially if rooms and suites have been added to the original structure. Maybe ductless is a better solution for your office building, or your ducts need some repair and replacement while we install your new HVAC system. No matter what the problems are, a new commercial HVAC system will provide more consistent temperatures inside your office.

Even if you don’t have inconsistencies within your office, you might find it’s difficult to keep your office at a temperature that makes everyone comfortable. When we install your new commercial HVAC system, we’ll also assess the infrastructure of your building to ensure that the treated air reaches the right spots at the right strength.

Aid Employee Health

Have you ever heard about “sick building syndrome”? When the air inside a building has quality problems, it starts making employees feel sick for no discernible reason. A location near a parking garage can cause carbon monoxide to infiltrate your indoor air, your printer or fax machine might be emitting ozone, or your old HVAC system could be circulating dust and debris through your duct work.

No matter the cause of poor indoor air quality (IAQ), a new HVAC system will alleviate many of the issues. Adding an air purifier, UV coils, or an upgraded ventilation system will filter out many of the particles that cause IAQ issues. Some air purifiers are strong enough to remove bacteria and viruses from the air. We’ll help you find an HVAC system that can handle filters with high MERV ratings, to ensure those filters pull as much debris out of your office’s air as possible.

Your new commercial HVAC system is a great resource for addressing any indoor humidity issues you might have. If the air inside your Nevada office is too dry, an HVAC system combined with a humidifier will make everyone more comfortable, and may even contribute to fewer incidences of illness.

Increase Employee Comfort

At this point, you’re probably only imagining energy savings when you think about replacing your commercial HVAC system. We’re here to tell you that you’ll reap more rewards than just lower energy bills when you upgrade. By having a consistent, comfortable temperature in your office, you’ll increase employee productivity.

Workplaces that are too cold or too hot negatively affect employees. The Association for Psychological Science (APS) examined several studies and surveys relating to employee productivity and office temperature. The findings are consistent across the board: people (especially women) have a harder time being productive when they’re too cold. The same is true of all workers when the temperature is too hot. If the temperature is below 68 degrees, or above 77 degrees, workers face productivity issues because of the temperature.

In fact, one of the studies that the APS examined estimates that employers save about $2 per worker, per hour in productivity costs when the temperature is comfortable. Take a look around the office tomorrow morning. Is anyone trying to type while wearing gloves? When you need to turn the heat up a few extra degrees in the winter or make the AC a bit colder in summer, do it. With a new commercial HVAC system, you’ll already be saving money every month on your electricity bills. Making your employees comfortable will only increase their productivity.

Simplify Maintenance Appointments

HVAC repairs for older systems can be prohibitively expensive. Unfortunately, if you haven’t been keeping up with your maintenance, or if you bought a building with an old HVAC system, you may be facing some expensive repairs down the line. Repairs that involve replacement parts like coils or motors end up costing your business thousands of dollars.

When you invest in a new HVAC system, get it on a maintenance schedule. Maintaining a new system is simple: our technicians check the system over thoroughly and perform small tasks to ensure it’s working correctly. When we see signs of wear and tear, we address them immediately so they don’t develop into huge expenses later. Plus, the only way to keep your HVAC system working at peak efficiency is to have maintenance performed.

Overall, the maintenance on a new system will be cheaper, simpler, and less time-consuming than it is for your current system. The next time a big repair pops up, do some simple calculations. How much more will you have to spend on a new commercial HVAC system, taking into account your energy savings and increased employee productivity? The answer might surprise you!

Have we piqued your interest yet? Commercial HVAC systems might not be at the top of your business to-do list, but your business reaps the benefits when you decide to install a new unit. That’s why we’ll help you pick the best new commercial HVAC system without taking up too much of your time.

Nevada business owners, call us today at 702-723-4704 to get more information about upgrading your commercial HVAC system. A qualified Ambient Edge technician will visit your business, examine your current infrastructure, and give you recommendations. We care about your needs, so we’ll work with you to find the HVAC system that best fits your business.

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