A Short Guide to Zoning Systems for Your Home


A Short Guide to Zoning Systems for Your Home

Are you constantly battling your kids or spouse to keep your home’s temperature consistent? Do some rooms never get cool enough on hot summer days? In Henderson, Nevada, it isn’t always easy to keep your home comfortable. Learn how zoning systems can keep the whole family content no matter the season.

Zoning System Basics

The zoning process takes your existing HVAC system and turns it into an advanced network that can heat or cool different areas of your home on command. To do this, a zoning system requires two primary components: one that’s front and center in your home, and one that controls everything you can’t see.

Behind the scenes, the experienced HVAC technicians at Ambient Edge will install a system of dampers in your home’s ductwork. Next, we’ll connect each damper to a control panel, which you can operate by pressing the buttons on the thermostat. Instead of a basic thermostat for your entire home, a zoning system includes one device for each zone or a master thermostat that controls the whole house.

Get Control Over Your HVAC System

When you have a zoning system in place, you’ll no longer have to worry about downstairs rooms constantly feeling too cool and upstairs bedrooms always feeling too hot. Better yet, you’ll be able to control the temperature settings from just about anywhere. With our Lennox iHarmony zoning system, you can set comfortable temperature ranges for each zone from the device itself or from a connected smart device.

Save Energy in Each Zone

With a standard HVAC setup, you can easily waste a substantial amount of energy keeping your whole home a consistent temperature. Once you’ve installed a zoning system, however, you’ll see the savings right away. When you no longer have to waste energy on seldom-used rooms, you can save hundreds on your utility bill each year.

Installing a zoning system is a smart way to take your home to the next level. For all of your air conditioning, zoning, and climate control needs, call the HVAC experts at Ambient Edge: 702-723-4704.

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