Creating a Comfortable Home Office: A Brief Guide for Arizona Homeowners


Creating a Comfortable Home Office: A Brief Guide for Arizona Homeowners

Working from home can be both incredibly convenient and overwhelmingly difficult. If you don’t have the right workspace in your Bullhead City, Arizona, home, you may find it nearly impossible to get everything done. However, taking just a few smart steps to improve your office can yield outstanding results for home-based employees.

Create a Separate Work Space

Keep your work space separate from your living space when you’re working from home. This will help you separate your business tasks and personal to-dos for fewer distractions during the day. Maintain a professional environment where you work, so you can simulate the streamlined atmosphere of a traditional office as much as possible. Definitely keep the television away.

If the space is located in a renovated space or home addition, then you may want to look into implementing some kind of HVAC zoning solution. A Mitsubishi electric ductless system, for example, is a perfect (and highly affordable) way to retrofit one of these spaces with a climate control system. Talk to a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer like Ambient Edge if you’re interested in exploring the world of split-ductless air conditioning technology for your new home office project.

Address the IAQ

In a commercial office building, you have a property manager who handles considerations related to the indoor air quality (IAQ), but at home, it’s up to you. Better IAQ has been linked to increased productivity and better health. Keeping your office air clean can boost your performance so you enjoy even more success working from home.

To keep your home’s air as clean as possible, make sure you check the air filter once a month and change it at least every three months, or more if needed. Schedule HVAC maintenance twice a year to keep everything in top shape.

Light It Right

Good lighting is a critical element in any work area. Don’t strain your eyes in a dim space or shut yourself away in a corner under harsh fluorescent bulbs. Sunlight is the best option and one that you can usually work with when you’re setting up an office at home. When sunlight isn’t available, look for energy-efficient full-spectrum lighting that’s as close to sunlight as possible.

Treat your home office as professionally as possible and you’ll find that you can get the job done faster and better than you would anywhere else. If you need help addressing home comfort and indoor air quality in your home, contact Ambient Edge at 928-263-8698. We’ll help you get on track for business success.

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