Get Your Home Ready for Spring

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Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Spring is a time of renewal.  Trees are blossoming, flowers are growing, birds are singing. It’s nature’s way of welcoming life. Spring can also be the best time for renewing your home. Here are some great spring cleaning tips to refresh your home for spring!

Start with Decluttering Your Home

Every spring cleaning needs to begin with a full decluttering of your home. Now is a great time to get rid of all the stuff in your home that you don’t use. Go through all of your clothes, books, and gear and donate anything that you haven’t used in a while or know that you won’t use again. Throw away any old papers or items that are not worth donating. This will help you to clear out your home and make it feel open and clear.

Reorganize Your Things

After your home is clutter free, it is the best time to start to organize everything. Figure out how many containers and organizational tools you will need so that all of your things have a place and your home will remain clutter free. Then, organize your home in a way that you will know where all of your things are and you will be able to easily know where to find them.

Do All Your Spring Cleaning

With all of your clutter out of the way and your home organized, you can begin a full deep clean on your home. Start with your carpets. Vacuum all of your carpets and if they are starting to look dingy, you may need to get them cleaned. Once the carpets are done, start dusting EVERYTHING. Light fixtures, appliances, blinds, furniture, photos, and anything that has a surface should be dusted. Sweep and mop floors, and wash mirrors and windows. A deep spring cleaning can completely refresh your home.

Fix Up Your Home’s Exterior

Does your house need a fresh coat of paint? Does your roof need to be repaired? Does your home have termites or other pests? Do an assessment of your home’s exterior and check for anything that needs your attention. Take some time and talk to the right experts to get your home looking exactly the way you want it too.

Schedule a Spring Tune Up

A spring tune up is a good way to make sure that your air conditioning system is working properly before everything starts heating up during the spring and summer months. Your air conditioning technician will do all of the standard maintenance such as replacing dirty air filters and checking your system’s efficiency. They will also be checking for any worn parts that may cause a break down in the dead of summer and lead to more costly repairs. Doing regular maintenance on your air conditioning will help you make sure that your system is working the way that it is supposed to and can save you money over time.

If your air conditioning system needs a tune up, talk to our team at Ambient Edge. We can schedule some spring maintenance and we can also recommend a maintenance plan so you don’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to your air conditioning system.

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