How to Keep Your Home’s Air Clean This Spring


Though you can’t see dirty air as a physical stain in your home, poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is a very real thing that can have a measurable impact on your health and comfort. If you’re suffering from itchy eyes, frequent coughing, headaches, or a sore throat, your air quality may be the culprit. Clean up the air in your Las Vegas, Nevada, home, and you may experience a noticeable improvement in your health as you’re finally able to breathe easier.

Use Your Air Conditioner

It’s counterintuitive for many people to turn on their air conditioner when the weather is still nice enough to open the windows and let a fresh breeze in. What you have to remember is that the outdoor air isn’t necessarily fresh or pollutant free. Your air conditioner helps clean your air by pulling it through a filter that removes pollen and other pollutants. It also helps by reducing humidity. This will minimize the many water-soluble pollutants in the air.

Keep Your System Clean

Your air conditioner is a great tool for cleaning your air, but you need to keep it well maintained so it can do its job. Schedule a tuneup once a year in the spring. Ideally, you’ll make this appointment early before you turn your system on for the first time. In addition to this professional service, you can add some DIY cleaning by changing your HVAC filter once a month.

Add an Air Purifier

If you’re still suffering from symptoms of poor IAQ, you may want to upgrade your home comfort systems. A central air purifier is a powerful solution for dirty air. This installation fits right in your existing HVAC system and adds an extra layer of filtering and protection for the air circulating through your home.

If you’re looking for some smart solutions to dirty air, contact Ambient Edge at 702-723-4704. We can help you choose the best air conditioner and air cleaner for your home.

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