How to maintain your AC when you have pets


We love our pets. But if you have allergies, our two and four-legged friends can create a challenge. Over time the hair and dander these creatures shed will infiltrate the ductwork and air conditioner in your home. Fortunately, we have some tips for helping keep this critical equipment cleaner and functioning properly.

Five Key Ways to Keep Your A/C Clean When Your Pets Aren’t.

Even some of the more “hypoallergenic” pets, like poodles, can lose hair and skin flakes that can be sucked into your venting and air conditioning systems. In Nevada, the dust and dirt are bad enough without adding any pet dander into the mix!

So, the first step toward keeping things cleaner is to sign up for routine maintenance of your air conditioner and furnace. The goal of these annual check-ups is really similar to your personal annual physical; we want to be sure everything is working at peak capacity. Nothing wrong with that idea! On an air conditioner, having routine maintenance means the unit will be operating at peak efficiency to move air through your home.

There is one step that we say is actually even more important than routine maintenance. That is changing your filters. We recommend one of the higher quality filter brands that are more expensive. Change them every month like clockwork. If you have more than one pet, you will be astonished at how dirty these filters get in just a single month! If you forget to change the filter, your air conditioner can ice up or your furnace can stop working entirely. Yes, it’s that important.

Every two to three years, you should sign up for ductwork cleaning with Ambient Edge. We have special tools that date us deep inside the piping in the walls and under the floorboards of your home. We suck the balls of dirt and dog hair outside your home and collect it for disposal. Then we can disinfect the ductwork with an anti-microbial product that makes the ductwork clean enough to eat off of. You’ll notice the difference in cleaner air in your home. If you have allergies, this is an important home maintenance task.

Next, take your vacuum’s hand attachment and clean the air returns to your home. Your air conditioner spits out cool air, then grabs it with the cold air returns and sucks it back into the unit for cooling. Then it pushes the cold air into your home and the process repeats. Cleaning air returns in your home is a necessity if you don’t want to recirculate that big tuft of cat hair along with the cool air. When we come out to do the ductwork cleaning, the cold air returns will also be professionally cleaned and sterilized.

Keeping you Air Conditioner Cleaner, Longer

There you have it. If you love your furry critters but hate the dander and allergies that can accompany them, follow the steps we’ve outlined above for a much cleaner environment for you, your children, and your pets. Contact us today to find out more.

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