How to Warm Up Your Nevada Nights With a Mini-Split System


How to Warm Up Your Nevada Nights With a Mini-Split System

Las Vegas is known for hot summers and mild winters, but some December and January nights can get downright cold. Looking for a way to heat up your home without investing in a pricey furnace? Learn how a mini-split system offers the perfect solution for warming up your Nevada nights.

Heat the Rooms You Use the Most

Heating your entire home is expensive, and it might not always be necessary during Las Vegas’s short and sweet winter season. Rather than heating your whole home, just warm up the rooms you use the most.

At Ambient Edge, we recommend mini-split systems for targeted heating. Also known as ductless systems, these heat pumps warm up only certain rooms or parts of your home. You can heat the bedroom, kitchen, or family room without wasting energy heating the dining room or basement.

Install a Heating System Easily

Installing a furnace or another standard heating system is no small task. It requires extensive HVAC work and may even mean completely new ductwork.

In contrast, installing a mini-split heat pump is incredibly straightforward. These systems don’t need ductwork, so our team usually can install one in just a few hours. We’ll position the outdoor unit in a sensible, out-of-the-way location, and we’ll work with you to find the best possible placement for the indoor units. We’ll have to drill only a small hole through your home’s exterior so the conduits can connect the indoor and outdoor units.

Benefit From Impressive Efficiency

Whether you’re concerned about your household’s energy consumption or you want to make sure your family stays comfortable on a budget, you need an efficient option.

Mini-split heat pumps also help you maintain a comfortable temperature on unseasonably warm days or when the seasons change. Just switch the system from heat to cool, and a mini-split heat pump becomes a smart year-round option.

Does a mini-split system sound ideal for your home? Contact the heating experts at Ambient Edge to learn more about available systems: 702-723-4704.

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