How Two-Stage Cooling Keeps You Comfortable


How Two-Stage Cooling Keeps You Comfortable

If you live in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, you know that summers are long, and even winters can feel warm. That’s why investing in a long-lasting air conditioning system is critical. If you’re accustomed to cooling your home with a traditional single-stage air conditioner, you might be surprised at just how comfortable a two-stage system can feel. Learn how two-stage air conditioners work, and discover some of the benefits of these innovative cooling systems.

Get to Know Two-Stage Cooling Systems

Two-stage systems like our Elite Series XC16 air conditioner boast two different levels of cooling power. These systems operate at a low level on mild summer days and throughout the spring and fall. On sweltering summer days, they take it up a notch and run at the higher level.

Stay Comfortable With Two Stages of Cooling

With a single-stage air conditioner, it often feels like an all-or-nothing proposition. Either it is pumping out cool air at full blast, or it’s shut off for the season.

With a two-stage air conditioner, however, you’ll stay comfortable no matter the temperature fluctuations or the seasonal changes. You can rest easy knowing that the system’s low-level setting will keep your family comfortable for most of the year and that its high-level setting is always at the ready when the mercury starts to rise.

Save Energy With Two-Stage Cooling

We know that utility bills aren’t always cheap in Lake Havasu City, especially during the height of summer. If you’re worried about the cost and environmental impact of high energy consumption, you’ll love how two-stage systems operate. They typically run at a low level for about three-quarters of the time, and they rarely turn off.

Since these cooling systems avoid frequent cycling, they decrease your energy consumption and lower your energy bills. Many two-stage systems ultimately have longer lifespans as well, which means you’ll save even more since you won’t have to replace your system as often.

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