Protect Your AC from Pests With These Tips

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Protect Your AC from Pests With These Tips

Outside of our home, your A/C unit can make a nice, warm domicile for all kinds of unwanted visitors. Insects like ants and bees can create nests in tiny crevices and rodent can slip through cracks only slightly bigger. The A/C is a large, warm place that’s protected from the elements, making it a natural habitat for these critters. Keeping them out is critical to the efficiency of your unit. The last thing you need on a hot summer day is to be dragging dead mice out of your air conditioner!  Here are a few tips to keep these nasty nuisances away.

Your air conditioner’s job is to keep your home cool, not become a home to rodents, insects, and other pests. Air conditioning is a must in hot areas of the country like Arizona and Nevada, but when A/C units are pumping as hard as they do in these places, proper maintenance is key to efficient cooling and a great way to ensure pesky rodents are not taking up home in your unit. Scheduling preventive maintenance with a technician is never a bad idea, but there are a few things the Do-It-Yourself homeowner can do to prevent pests from building homes in your cooling system.

Maintain the Lawn Around Your A/C Unit

Don’t let the grass get too high or weeds too thick around the A/C unit. Leaving this area unattended brings in moisture and can give rise to mosquito nests or other insect troubles. You also might be inviting snakes to your A/C unit, which is usually enough to frighten a homeowner into action! Get rid of any puddles or standing water that might attract wildlife; be sure to check for this after every rainy day or watch if you have outdoor plumbing dripping near your unit. Mow this area carefully too and be sure to pull any weeds or undergrowth that may provide a hiding spot. Fill in any holes with dirt and give these pests nowhere to get comfy.

Properly Install Screens on Vents and Ducts

Once a critter makes its way into your A/C unit or ducts, getting them out can be tricky. Instead of dealing with this, prevent it from happening in the first place by using window mesh to cover openings in your vents. If you have an old window screen lying around, cut properly sized portions out of it and use them to barricade an opening that mice or wasps might enter. This will keep air flowing smoothly without giving unwanted access. When nicer weathers rolls around, birds have been known to nest in open air ducts and vents as well. Keep these openings screened off all year round – if there’s a way in, you can bet pests will find it.

Keep a Preventive Maintenance Schedule and Contact a Professional If Trouble Arises

Much of the upkeep of A/C units can be done by the owner. Scheduling regular times to weed, cut the grass around the area, and clean the unit can add years to its life and take dollars off your bill. Doing simple procedures like this is tremendously helpful but doesn’t guarantee that all critters stay away. If you’ve discovered a damage and want to make sure you’ve properly protected your A/C, contact our technicians today.

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