Should You Go Ductless With Your AC?

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Should You Go Ductless With Your AC?

If you’re looking at a new AC system, or installing one in a building that never had it, you have a lot of options. But one of the biggest choices to make is whether to go with a “traditional” AC system, or ductless AC. And that choice can affect both your costs and your comfort.

Ductless air conditioning is just what the name says—an air conditioning system that uses no ductwork. It can be installed to cover one room or multiple rooms, or in some cases, to cool (and heat!) an entire space. And it has a lot of advantages, as well as some key differences from central AC.

Trying to figure out if you should go with a ductless air conditioning system? We’ve got you covered. Read on for the biggest benefits of going ductless, as well as situations where you may want to stick with ducts.

6 Huge Advantages of Ductless AC

  1. It can both heat and cool. A typical ductless unit is what’s known as a “split” HVAC unit—capable of both heating or cooling a space. That’s because they use a heat pump setup that can easily be reversed. In “cool” mode, the inside coil evaporates its refrigerant to pull away heat, and the outdoor coil condenses it to shed the heat. In “heat” mode, the two coils trade roles and warm up the room.
  2. It’s eliminates costly ductwork. Ductwork is a huge part of the cost of AC installation, and even existing ductwork may need modifications or repairs. Ductless AC units bypass the entire issue and make ductwork moot. That can be a huge cost saver.
  3. Less allergen risk. Ducts accumulate dust, allergens and irritants over time. They can easily become harbors for the sane irritants that bother your allergies or asthma. Ductless AC doesn’t have this issue, and our models even have a built-in anti-allergen filter so that your air is cleaner.
  4. Cooling costs may be lower. Ductwork isn’t just a source of allergens—it’s also a potential source of waste. Leaky or damaged ducts bleed out cool air, driving up energy bills and making AC units work hard and wear out. Since a ductless unit puts cool air directly into the room, it can be far more cost-efficient.
  5. Fine-grain control over multiple rooms. Many people are surprised to find that ductless AC units can cover multiple rooms or zones—but they can. Not only that, a multi-zone unit lets you set a different temperature for each space, allowing for greater comfort and energy savings.
  6. Perfect for additions. If you’re adding on to you home, or converting a space that was never finished before (like a garage), adding ductwork is costly. A ductless unit is the ideal solution.

Ductless AC units have long been preferred in commercial spaces where only part of a large building needs air conditioning. But they’re increasingly the go-to solution for homeowners as well.

Situations Where Conventional AC Is Better

Of course, no single type of AC is best in all circumstances. There are a couple situations where you might be better off going with traditional central AC. For example:

  • Your existing ductwork is in impeccable shape. If a professional has already assessed your ductwork and told you you’re good to go for an AC installation, sticking with central AC may be the best way to go. There’s nothing wrong with switching over anyway, but sticking with ducts may save you money.
  • The math doesn’t work. Ductless units have a higher up-front cost than traditional units. If you can justify that cost in ductwork or energy savings, it’s perfect. But if you’re using the ductless solution for just one room, the numbers won’t always come out that way. (Ambient Edge can help you do a cost comparison, including long-term savings.)
  • Large homes with many rooms. You can use ductless AC as a whole-home solution, but if it’s a large home, you’ll need multiple units and the costs may just be hard to justify. Large homes are perfect for central AC.

Are You Thinking of Going Ductless?

Ambient Edge offers high-performance ductless AC/heating splits, as well as installation. Our high-performance ductless splits from Mitsubishi deliver comfort, performance and low energy costs. Let us run the numbers for you and help you figure out the best AC solution for your home. Call us at 702-723-4704 or fill out the form to your right and get the answers you need.

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