Replace Or Repair

Whether your AC unit has already failed or is simply on the decline, AC problems are never good news. Homeowners with a faulty AC unit generally have two choices: have the existing unit repaired, or replace it with a new unit. Both options have advantages, and either one might be the right call depending on your circumstances. Below, we’ll help you figure out which one makes more sense for you—and how to figure out if you’re going to save money.

The Advantages of Repairing vs. Replacing AC

Both choices have pros and cons. For example:

  • Repairing your AC unit is usually After all, if you can squeeze a few more years of cold AC out of the unit, it might be worth the cost of a professional repair. Be careful, though—those savings are not always as big as they look. You need to consider not just what it will cost to get the unit running again, but also how well it will perform, and what its energy costs will be compared to a newer unit. We’ll help you figure that out below.
  • Buying a new AC unit is the option that carries more up-front cost. A typical central AC unit will cost $3.5K to $10K or be more depending on what you’re looking for in the unit. At a glance, it would be hard for this kind of price tag to compete with a cheaper repair. But the long-term savings could be substantial:
    • New units tend to be more energy-efficient than older units.
    • New units should deliver peak performance for years, whereas older units often struggle to do their job. That further compounds energy costs (as well as affecting how much comfort you get out of the unit).
    • If the older unit is going to keep breaking down, it might only take two or three repairs before you spent more keeping it than you would have replacing. A new unit with a warranty can prevent unexpected emergency costs.

Replacing Your HVAC Infographic

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3 Easy Steps to Price Out Repairing and Replacing Your AC

So far this has all been academic. But now it’s time to put some actual numbers to both options and find out which one is best.

Here’s how to do it in three easy steps:

  1. Get a free estimate on a potential new unit. Top AC installation services will offer an estimate at no charge, and the best ones will actually help compare energy savings on different models. Remember that ductwork is generally priced separately, so make sure to get a quote for this if they’re recommending it. These estimates will help you determine the actual cost of a new unit—and how much it might save you in monthly bills.
  2. Pull together your utility bills. Whether online or from paper statements, it helps to see how much you’re actually spending on energy with your old unit. Compare peak summer months with months when you don’t use AC, and average a few months from each category. This will tell you how much your AC is really costing you. How does that compare with the projected energy costs fora new unit? How about if you projected the difference over two years, or five years?
  3. Add up repair estimates. If you’ve already had a service call that offered an estimate on your broken AC unit, you already have a clear answer on how much the repair would cost. But how old is your unit? If it’s more than five years old, assume that you’ll need another repair within the next two years. What would that cost come to?

Now all you have to do is add up both sides:

  • The cost of two repairs plus five years of higher energy costs on one side, versus
  • The cost of a new unit plus five years of lower energy costs on the other

This will give you a clear idea of how much money you’ll really spend on either option. Of course, you may have other considerations—like the greater comfort or reliability of a new unit—but knowing the numbers is a good starting point.

Get a Free Estimate on Your AC Unit

You don’t have to make these choices in the dark. Ambient Edge is your local, top-rated AC company—and we’re here to help. We’re happy to provide a FREE estimate on a new AC unit, help you compare costs with your existing unit, or repair your unit if you prefer to stick with it. All of our work carries a 100% guarantee. Call us at 702-723-4704 or fill out the form to your right and speak with a comfort consultant today.

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