10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Heating and Cooling Technician 

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10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Heating and Cooling Technician 

When looking to hire a company to install a new air conditioner it is easy to get caught up focusing on cost and features essentially forgetting to ask some important questions to make sure your dealing with a well-trained and professional company. Here are 10 questions to keep in mind when shopping around for a new ac.

“Is your company bonded and insured?”

This is to protect you against loss and lawsuits. A company should always be bonded and insured.

“How long has your company been in business?”

Knowing this information gives you an idea as to what to expect in regards to level of service and guarantees.

“Do you handle any permits that are needed by the city?”

If the company doesn’t handle this for you, you may be required to get the proper permit to proceed with the project.

“What size of unit is needed to cool my home?”

You’ll want the most efficient unit there is available for your budget. Remember, comfort is king.

“How will the new unit affect my electricity bill?”

Some units are more efficient than others which is why you need to ask this question to maximize your overall yearly savings.

“Do you offer financing options?”

Getting to know the terms and payment amounts is ideal for people who don’t want to buy a unit outright.

“Are there rebates or tax credits I can make use of?”

You can save additional money off the price of your new heating and cooling system if there are rebates and tax credits available.

“Do you guarantee the work your company does?”

If something were to go wrong, would the technician come back for free to make things right?

“How long does it take to install a new unit?”

Knowing this information gives you an idea as to how long it will take before your new system is in place.

“Does your technician handle the clean-up in the areas they work in?”

You don’t want to be responsible for cleaning up a mess that you didn’t make so make sure to get this promise in writing.

Having the right questions in mind before your hire a heating and cooling technician allows you to determine which company is the right one to meet your needs. You want to work with a business that communicates well in the event that additional work needs to be done on your heating and cooling system. You don’t want to be surprised with an added expense that you weren’t aware that you were going to incur.

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