10 Tips for Staying Warm Without Turning On Your Furnace

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10 Tips for Staying Warm Without Turning On Your Furnace

Winter is here — and so is winter weather! We all know what that means…chilly mornings, holiday celebrations and yes, more utility bills. Fortunately for you, we have compiled 10 quick tips that can help you avoid running the furnace while still staying warm and cozy.

1. Make sure that the windows are closed – this prevents air leaks and keeps the cold air from entering. Doors are even more important! If your doors do not close tightly, you may wish to roll up towels to place in the gaps. A quick trip to the hardware store could also help you acquire supplies for a more permanent fix — but aim to complete any necessary work during a relatively warm day to avoid letting cold air into the house.

2. Why not bake a delicious meal? Cookies, pizza, or any other food that strikes your fancy. Though it is not recommended to use an oven as a primary source of heat, there is nothing wrong with letting good food lead to a warm, cozy kitchen!

3. Keep the curtains and the blinds open when the sun is out and close them after the sunset – this is the simplest way to keep the warm air inside your house.

4. Make your bed a warmer place by locating it far from any windows. An extra old school trick you may wish to try on particularly chilly nights? Keeping a hot water bottle by your feet!

5. Speaking of warm feet, do you remember those plush area rugs and blankets that have been stored in the basement ever since last spring rolled around? Make use of them! Keeping wooden/tile floors covered will help create a much cozier feel.

6. Invest in better insulation for your home. This is a relatively affordable improvement that can save you big time when it comes to energy costs. It is also an easy and straightforward enough improvement that it can be done without hiring help or needing to abandon a room for days on end while the project is in process.

7. Reverse the ceiling fan – this helps push the warm air down and the cold air to the top.

8. Try lighting up candles – it makes your place smell nice and it gives you heat also saves energy. Better yet, if you have a fireplace, now is the perfect time to light it up! When not in use, be sure that the chimney is closed to avoid unnecessary heat loss.

9. Close the doors of any rooms that are not in use — why waste energy heating a room that you won’t even be occupying?

10. Dress in layers! Just as importantly, opt for wool clothing whenever possible, as this is one of the warmest materials. Thick slippers and socks also make a big difference!

When you do need to turn your furnace on, you want it to work efficiently!

So if you are experiencing trouble, don’t suffer in silence. A furnace repair can often pay for itself in terms of energy savings — not to mention to a dramatic increase in your own personal comfort.

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