4 Surprising Sources of Volatile Organic Compounds


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are harmful chemicals emitted by many everyday products in your Las Vegas home. Learn some of the top sources of VOCs and how to manage these gases so you can breathe easy.

Furniture and Carpet

VOCs don’t start as gases. Instead, they vaporize over time, contributing to indoor air pollution. Some of the biggest sources of VOCs in most homes are the surfaces where you walk and sit. Furniture, upholstery, carpet, and pressed-wood products all contain formaldehyde, which can build up in the absence of adequate ventilation.

To manage formaldehyde, introduce some green houseplants throughout your home. Aloe vera, spider plants, and leafy golden pothos are all known to absorb formaldehyde and other dangerous airborne chemicals.

Air Fresheners

Commercial air fresheners are made to smell great and cover unpleasant odors, but most emit dangerous levels of naphthalene, a VOC. Instead of investing in store-bought air fresheners, invest in a whole-home air purifier, which can trap harmful chemicals in their tracks.

Cleaning Supplies

Whether you use sprays, scrubs, or soaps, most standard cleaning supplies emit VOCs like isoprene. Instead of picking up another cleaning product at the store, try making your own instead. Household ingredients like white vinegar and baking soda can do wonders to clean your home, and they won’t compromise your health in the process. When in doubt, keep the air conditioner running while you clean in order to circulate and purify your home’s air.

Dry Cleaning

Once you pick up your freshly laundered wardrobe at the dry cleaners, you might not give the process a second thought. However, this process is filled with harmful chemicals, some of which continue to give off fumes — like tetrachloroethylene — as you wear your clean clothes.

Many dry cleaners now offer organic or environmentally friendly cleaning processes. Find a healthier option near you, and leave the harmful dry cleaning behind.

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