Buying a New Home? 5 Signs the AC May Have Problems

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Buying a New Home? 5 Signs the AC May Have Problems

And how the team at Ambient Edge can help.

Buying a new home is always an exciting time.  However, that excitement can turn to worry if the AC in your potential new home isn’t working correctly.  Fortunately, there are some telltale signs that your AC may have issues. If you notice any of these signs with the AC in the new home you’re considering buying, be sure to talk with your realtor and home inspector about your concerns. Paying for a full AC inspection from a licensed HVAC professional can always help identify problems and alleviate worry.

Bad Air Flow

You’ll be able to tell right away that the AC has issues if you notice bad air flow throughout the home.  If you’re not able to tell when the air conditioning is turning off or on, it may be a sign that the system is having problems.


Moisture around an AC unit is a sure sign of problems.  If you notice leaking or moisture around the unit, be sure to note these issues to discuss with your realtor and inspector.  Leaks can be caused by drain tubes, which carry away condensation, or the refrigerant, which can pose serious health threats to you and your family.


An AC unit has a lot of moving parts, and sometimes those moving parts can break down.  Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to tell when a part needs to be repaired or replaced.  Squealing and grinding are two common sounds that you may hear in an AC unit that will let you know it could be time for a repair.  


If you notice strange smells every time the AC turns on, it could be a sign that something is wrong.  A burning smell may indicate that the wires are burnt out, which can be a safety concern. The system may also have mold or other organic matter in the unit, which can cause your home to smell musty.

No Cold Air

If the air conditioning system isn’t providing cold air, it simply isn’t working.  Test out the air conditioning throughout the home to make sure every room is receiving cool air.  If there’s no cold air coming from the air conditioning unit, you’ll want to have a secondary inspection right away.

The Secondary Inspection

If you or the inspectors do notice signs of issues, we recommend that you have a secondary inspection completed on the air conditioning system by a Nate certified technician. An HVAC professional can complete a thorough inspection of the unit and provide you with a detailed list of issues and possible repair costs.

Make your next home buying process stress-free by choosing the AC professionals at Ambient Edge.  Need help with your AC? Book online today!

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