Laughlin IAQ: 3 Common Causes of Coughing and What to Do


Laughlin IAQ: 3 Common Causes of Coughing and What to Do

Minor coughs can crop up for dozens of reasons, from a dusty garage to a short-term cold. However, a lingering cough may have you more concerned. Long-term coughs aren’t at all uncommon and can stem from many things in the Laughlin, Nevada, area. Though you should speak with your doctor to rule out more serious issues, indoor air quality (IAQ) often can exacerbate this condition. Here are some frequent health conditions and some IAQ-related things you can do in your Laughlin home to help.


Allergies are a common cause for a lingering cough. This symptom may persist as long as the irritant is in the area. An allergic cough worsens when you’re near the allergen, so your symptoms may help you pinpoint the problem area. If you’re struggling with an allergy-related cough at home, take steps to improve your indoor air quality. This may include changing your HVAC filter more often, using a vacuum with a HEPA filter, or installing a whole-house air purifier.


Many people look for breathlessness and the signature wheezing sound when they’re assessing instances of asthma. Though less common, coughing can also be an issue for asthma sufferers. Chronic coughing from asthma is typically dry and persistent, often continuing through the day and night.

Minimizing asthma triggers should help with the cough. The previous advice applies for asthma sufferers as well: Keep your HVAC filter clean to pull dust out of the air, and vacuum with a HEPA filter to minimize other irritants. Speak to a doctor, as a bronchodilator spray is often effective for this issue as well.


If you suffer from chronic emphysema and bronchitis, you may also have a condition known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This creates excess mucus in the lungs, which the body then tries to clear by coughing. COPD sufferers are more sensitive than others to airborne irritants, so an air purifier may help ease symptoms. Speak to a doctor for a positive diagnosis and treatment plan.

For help improving air quality in your home to ease your coughing, contact Ambient Edge at 702-723-4704. We can help you eliminate those allergens and irritants that are exacerbating the issue.

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