Low-income help for air conditioning breakdown


This year thousands of Las Vegas residents will suffer in the desert heat. When your air conditioner breaks down, it’s often a financial crisis for any family. For lower income people, there may be no way that they can afford a repair let alone the cost of a new unit. According to Las Vegas Channel 8 TV, there are programs available that can help these families.

Las Vegas Air Conditioning for Low-Income Residents

A senior citizen wrote to Channel 8 when her a/c unit broke down. She brought to light a very serious issue that could be life threatening for these vulnerable populations. High temperatures can be a real danger for the disabled, children, people with breathing problems, and the elderly.

When the air conditioning breaks down in the average household, it’s crucial to scramble to have it repaired quickly. For these populations, time is even more important because they are physically unable to cope with the rising temperatures. To keep them safe, the a/c must be fixed quickly.

For residents who are low-income, there are resources in Las Vegas to help get the air conditioning up and running again. Organizations like Rebuilding Together of Southern Nevada help low-income residents by making needed repairs on their homes when they need it the most.

You can seek help from this organization if you:

· Own and live in your home.

· Have a low-income according to HUD (less than $39,400 annual household income for a two-person family).

· Are 60 years or older, disabled, or a veteran.

Rebuilding Together partners with HVAC contractors such as Ambient Edge to repair and replace heating and air conditioning units as well as helping with:

· Plumbing

· Roofing

· Structural repairs

· Flooring

· Thresholds

· Handrails

Volunteers can spend the day repairing these structures, while a contractor such as Ambient Edge can go on site to replace or repair the air conditioning unit quickly, all as part of the service that Rebuilding Together provides.

Another organization that can provide low-income Las Vegas residents is the HELP program. While Rebuilding Together is a volunteer-driven not-for-profit, HELP receives state and federal grants to help low-income people when their furnace or air conditioning goes down. This program can also help with:

· Adding insulation to your home

· Fixing broken windows

· Energy efficiency checks

There are also a number of programs in Arizona for general help with your energy bills, along with air conditioning repair options. One of the biggest is the Arizona Low Income Energy Assistance Program or LIHEAP. They offer grants to help pay bills or for repair, focusing on low-income households with the elderly or young children.

Here are three important numbers to call if your heating or air conditioning goes down:

Rebuilding Together 702-259-4900

HELP 702-795-0575

Ambient Edge 702-377-4631

Ambient Edge – Las Vegas Air Conditioning Experts

Ambient Edge has been helping the Nevada and Arizona residents for more than a decade. We understand how difficult it can be to handle the desert heat without a fully functioning air conditioner to keep you cool. Please call us for repair or replacement of your a/c unit – we’re here to help!

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