Organizing Your Home After the Holidays

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Organizing Your Home After the Holidays

Managing your holiday décor is a little easier with these simple tips.

You would be surprised how many homeowners still have holiday lights up well into the new year. After all the rush and busyness of Christmas, New Years, and even Valentine’s Day putting away decorations and organizing your home can be a challenge, but there are simple things that you can do to make the process just a little bit easier. Take a look at these simple tips to help you make the organization process easier.

Get Large, Clear, Plastic Reusable Containers

We all know how frustrating it is to pick up a cardboard box and have it rip or break while you are trying to carry it. If you are still using cardboard boxes that are labeled with marker to organize your holiday decorations, it is really time to upgrade. When you have clear plastic containers, you can see inside so you know exactly what decorations are there. Also, they are easier to pick up and move around and you don’t need to worry about if they will fall apart.

Start in One Area of the Home and Move on to the Next

It can be annoying when everything is finally packed away and you find that LAST decoration that didn’t make it into storage weeks or months later. Instead of rushing everywhere in your home to grab all the decorations or stuff put out for visiting families, just start with one area. Go room by room looking for clutter, holiday decorations, and anything that needs to be put up for spring in that area and make sure that area is completely clean, then move on to another area. This helps you make sure that you don’t forget to put anything away. Also, you can organize the decorations and seasonal things according to rooms in your home so they will be easier to put up next year.

Properly Put Away Decorations and other Winter Items

Anyone who has tried to unravel a massive, tangled ball of holiday lights knows how frustrating it can be. You can prevent this future frustration by putting away lights properly. When you are taking your lights down, begin wrapping them around a large piece of cardboard or an extension cord spool. Continue to wrap as you take the lights down. This way, the lights will not get tangled up and you will not have to deal with the mess of unraveling them next year. Don’t rush putting other winter items away. Take the same organization and care with all of your season items as you would with those pesky string lights. Taking your time now, will pay off come next winter when it’s time to bring it all back to life.

Be Careful Where You Store Your Items

Pay attention to where you choose to store your seasonal items. You may not even realize how dangerous some places may be. Often times, homeowners are tempted to store them in the water shed, next to the water heater or in the attic, next to the furnace. These areas in the home can get extremely hot and can ignite any paper decorations, leading to house fires. Just be mindful of where you put your storage items and make sure that they are in a completely safe place. At Ambient Edge, we are dedicated to helping you stay safe and to help make your life a little easier. If you ever have any issues with your furnace or your water heater talk to our team about how we can help with repairs or maintenance.

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